EMLX to Outlook 2016 conversion

EMLX to Outlook 2016 conversion is a challenging task, filled with complex manual steps. It might take hours and you still will end up with data integrity gaps. Here’s another way to do the same thing in a much better and more professional way.

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EMLX to Outlook 2016 Conversion is Not a Smart Way to Move Mac Mail data. Then What Is?

EMLX file is used by Mac Mail to store emails. Each file store a single email message. And these files are stored in the Mac Mail profile database inside .mbox file packages, which are not standard MBOX files but are more like folders with *.mbox extension.

EMLX to Outlook 2016 conversion

These EMLX files cannot be used manually for any purpose other than by Mac Mail itself internally. It’s not a file built for tasks like migration, export, import, backup, or so on.

Therefore, when it comes to moving Mac Mail data, the common way of converting EMLX to PST doesn’t work very well. What you need is something else.

That something else comes from USL Software in the form of “Mail Extractor Pro“. It’s a tool that lets you convert Mac Mail data to Outlook 2016 but takes a different path than converting EMLX files, much better path, in terms of both simplicity and precision.

EMLX to Outlook 2016 conversion

How it works?

So, you probably be wondering how it works if not by converting Mac Mail native EMLX files. It also does not work by converting MBOX files to PST, which is what many software tools employ, and is slightly better than converting EMLX files but not quite what you want.

Mail Extractor Pro” allows you to directly load your Apple Mail profile folder. In fact, it loads it itself after you select the correct option for input.

Talking of input options, the tool has several:

  • You can choose ‘Auto-load’ and it will automatically pick up your Apple Mail profile database folder
  • You can choose ‘Open’ and then select any other backup profile databases from any location.
  • Not relevant for this article, but it can also convert Thunderbird, Postbox, and MBOX files to PST.

By avoiding the outdated and inefficient method of converting EMLX to Outlook 2016 PST files, and by directly targeting the source of your emails, it helps eliminate the challenges of email migration. Most importantly, it makes the job much easier for you and significantly improves the overall precision of output files.

You will not notice any gaps in the data elements, like the broken images, folders not in their original hierarchy, missing characters from an email address (especially happens with Unicode characters), missing attachments (especially non-medial files like .exe and doc files), and so on. This sort of data integrity loss is almost gone with “Mail Extractor Pro” because you no longer have to convert the raw EMLX file but rather the direct database.

Convert EMLX to Outlook 2016


Try it for EMLX to Outlook 2016 conversion

You can try it for free here. “Mail Extractor Pro” is offered by USL Software, one of the biggest names in email migration domain and have been offering most effective tools for so long.

Get it today and no longer worry about the challenges usually faced in EMLX to Outlook 2016 conversion.

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