The Salient Features of “Mail Extractor Pro”

The features of "Mail Extractor Pro," an excellent program to convert Mac email clients into PST files for Windows Outlook & Mac Outlook.

“Mail Extractor Pro” is an email conversion tool developed by USL Software to convert Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, and MBOX files to PST (For Windows Outlook / Mac Outlook). It has made an otherwise tedious and challenging task very simple.

Here are the top features of “Mail Extractor Pro” that explains the fact why it quickly went on to become the most popular email migration tool for many.

  • Interface

    It all begins with its user-interface. Designed in a specific way to facilitate the smooth conversion, the tool will surprise you by how easy and intuitive converting Mac Mail and other clients’ data to PST can be.

  • Converts double-byte characters

    Double-byte characters are used in languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and few more. “Mail Extractor Pro” can convert all those languages successfully.

  • Preserves folder-hierarchy

    The tool employs a dedicated programming framework that keeps the folder hierarchy undisturbed during conversion.

  • Auto-load entire database

    You don’t need to manually select the email files of any email client that you want to convert. Just choose your client (Mail, Thunderbird, or Postbox) and click ‘Auto-load’. That gets the database ready for conversion automatically.

  • Converts every detail

    Email files can be complex. “Mail Extractor Pro” ensures all the complexity of your data is converted with precision, without modification. Details such as meta-data, read/unread status, timestamps, etc. are all converted without integrity flaws.

  • MBOX Conversion

    Other than auto-load option, you can also convert MBOX files manually, although it is not preferred. Manual ways lead to inaccuracies. However, it can be helpful when converting MBOX files from sources like Gmail-takeout (as opposed to Mac Mail).

  • Batch Conversion

    Supporting multiple MBOX files conversion in bulk is truly a valuable feature that will save you pain and frustration of converting each single individually.

  • Splits Large PST files

    You can also keep the size of output PST file in check. Set the size that you think is appropriate. Overly big PST files cause inconvenience when you are importing them to Windows Outlook. The tool can split the files if the set-limit isn’t enough.

  • Ignore empty folders

    This may appear to be an insignificant feature, but can save you a lot of time and frustration, especially if many folders are empty and you don’t want them converted to PST.

  • Log Report

    The tool generates two log report – brief and detailed. It can help you analyze the entire conversion process properly. It can be priceless in larger migration projects.

  • Fast and Smooth data-flow

    The smooth data-flow from Mac Mail and other clients into PST files gives it a lightning fast speed of data migration.

  • Bug free

    This tool runs without any annoying bugs that usually make other ordinary tools crash or freeze or even damage data in some instances.

With such an extensive list of unique and powerful features, “Mail Extractor Pro” has taken a leap in email migration, allowing no other tool to even come close.

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