How to Convert Thunderbird to PST? Here’s the Answer You’ve Been Waiting for!

How to convert Thunderbird to PST easily? The tutorial helps you to convert Thunderbird Mail to PST for Microsoft Outlook using Mail Extractor Pro.

How to convert Thunderbird to PST?

Email migration can be rough on you if you don’t have any experience. Files that contain email data are some of the most complex data structures that you might have to deal with. They serve a purpose in email clients well and fine, but during email migration, the sophistication can be a nasty problem.

This post will deal with the eternal, supposedly unanswerable question – how to convert Thunderbird to PST easily, accurately, and quickly. To move data from Thunderbird to Outlook, one needs to convert emails from Thunderbird into PST files because of the lack of any in-built feature, the compatibility of both clients, and lack of any common data file.

This task is done the best through “Mail Extractor Pro” that can automatically load Thunderbird files and converts it into PST files that Windows Outlook can read.

How to Convert Thunderbird to PST using Mail Extractor Pro:

  • After installing the tool, launch it from your Applications Window in Mac OS.How to convert thunderbird to pst
  • Click on “Load” button next to Thunderbird/Postbox.Convert Thunderbird to PST
  • Then It will gives you two options (1) Auto Load & (2) Open. “Auto Load” will get the tool in action for auto-loading Thunderbird native directories and Click on “Open”to locate  Thunderbird Profile folder copied from another computer or backup. (Check it – How to Find Thunderbird Profile Folder)How to convert thunderbird to pst file format
  • Make a selection of the folders you wish to convert to PST. Leave all folders ticked if you want to convert every single folder.How to convert thunderbird to pst file
  • If you don’t want oversized PST files, limit the size by entering in the box provided. Usually, it is advised to not let the file cross 15GB. The tool can split output into multiple PST files if the converted output amounts to size more than your allowed limit. Then Click on “Convert”.
  • It will ask where you want save your converted PST file. Select a folder and click on “Save”.How to convert thunderbird to pst for Outlook
  • It will start converting your emails.How to convert thunderbird to pst using Mail Extractor Pro
  • Click on “Locate Converted PST” to get your output file.How to convert thunderbird to pst on Mac

“Mail Extractor Pro” converts data very quickly, almost with 1GB per ten minutes rate. Once it is finished, you can copy the converted PST files where you have Windows Outlook and simply import them.

The tool has simplified the process considerably. Auto-loading is partly responsible for that, since you no longer need to use data files from Thunderbird. Moreover, directly targeting the Thunderbird data source also results in far more accurate conversion.

Go to this page and download the installer file. Double the .dmg installer file, and follow the instructions to install it. You can simply start using “Mail Extractor Pro” in the free trial mode without doing anything else. So sign-up necessary. No initial configuration setup.

You got overall ideas about “How to convert Thunderbird to PST” and now try it yourself.

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