Alternative of Conventional EMLX to PST Converter

Regular EMLX to PST Converters are Windows based and can be very inefficient in use. Here’s a Mac alternate that will simplify the job for you.

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EMLX to PST Converter

EMLX to PST converter are used to transfer Apple Mail data to Windows Outlook. EMLX is a format for storing email messages, one message in each file. You can open an EMLX file in a text viewer as well to see the contents in its raw form.

However, to move Mac Mail data, there is a better way and that is to use a tool called “Mail Extractor Pro”. Developed by USL Software, it is not like any other typical EMLX to PST converter. In fact, it does not need EMLX files at all. Or to put it more precisely, it can auto-detect Apple Mail database directly.

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The conventional EMLX to PST converter are Windows based, which means a very tedious and lengthy process of exporting data. “Mail Extractor Pro” is the only Mac application for this job.

When exporting data manually or from any conventional methods, many common problems arise that give this task its infamous reputation. If you go on internet and look for the users’ reaction, you’d realize the kind of challenges they are facing. USL Software worked hard to get rid of all of them and present a final, polished solution that will get the conversion done for you correctly.

Features of EMLX to PST Converter

The features added to the tool offer more flexibility, power, and control to the user. The tool is not limited to a file converter; it is a complete package that solves the email migration problem smartly.

The programs written for the extraction of data are capable of complete and flawless data migration. The biggest burden of any email migration job is the loss of data and missed items from the output files. You won’t find such with ‘Mail Extractor Pro’.

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It is developed to support the conversion of everything that wasn’t possible before. Such as, the tool contains code for detecting characters in any language and converting them safely to PST files. Likewise, the tool is also able to convert the database without altering or meddling with your folder hierarchy. The entire folder structure of your Apple Mail will remain the same in converted PST files.

There are also features like splitting large PST files, detailed log report, and folder selection. All of them add an extra layer of usefulness that is hard to come by in any other tools.

And lastly, the actual procedure of converting the data has been simplified to a great extent. This is usually a task that can trouble high-end tech users. But now with “Mail Extractor Pro”, it can easily be run by normal users without any technical skills or knowledge. The graphical user-interface is also designed to facilitate the task and provide a comfort that’s unheard of before in email migration circle.

Mail Extractor Pro convert Apple Mail (both EMLX & MBOX) to PST file format for Microsoft Outlook.

EMLX to PST Converter – How It Works

When you launch it for the first time, you’d intuitively know what to do.

Just for the references, here are the steps you actually need to take to export data:

  1. Click on “Load” and choose “Auto-load” or ‘Custom’.
  2. Once the folders are displayed by the tool, you can uncheck the folders you don’t want to convert.
  3. You can specify the maximum size of PST file allowed. If it goes larger than that, the tool splits the file.
  4. At last, click ‘Convert’ and wait while the tool does its job.

This is an incredibly simple and quick process that you won’t find anywhere else.

You can get it to try without any risk. The trial setup can be downloaded using the link below. It is free and can be used for any period of time without activation, during which it will convert ten items per folder.

Download Now

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Mail Extractor Pro is designed to Auto Detect your Apple Mail Database, no need to export EMLX file. Try this EMLX to PST converter today.

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