How to Convert Postbox to PST in one Quick, Swift Motion Without Breaking The Structure of Your Data!

How to convert Postbox to PST in a simple and quick manner, through USL Software's built application called "Mail Extractor Pro."

How to convert Postbox to PST?

Postbox made its mark on many users worldwide for its interactive UI and special features like real-time filters and focus pane. On the other hand, there is Outlook for Windows that recently had big changes in 2016 edition, making it hugely popular client for dealing with emails. Many users previously using Postbox to Outlook, especially if they had complex needs.

If you are one of them, you are probably searching for the effective means to move all that data inside Postbox to Windows Outlook. That can be difficult because that’s not merely a change in email client but also a change in the entire platform.

This post can help you do that. Move your data effectively by converting Postbox to PST files. “Mail Extractor Pro” is a third-party application for Mac OS X that does that in the best way possible. The following tutorial about (How to convert Postbox to PST using Mail Extractor Pro) will show you how you can perform this otherwise daunting task in a simple way.

How to convert Postbox to PST using Mail Extractor Pro:

  • Download “Mail Extractor Pro” and start using it in a free trial mode. Follow the steps below to do it yourself.How to convert postbox to pst
  • Launch “Mail Extractor Pro” and click on “Load” next to Thunderbird/Postbox. One of the things you’d like about this application is that you don’t need any manual steps. If you have Postbox installed properly on your computer, the tool can automatically detect the directories where your emails are stored.Hoe to convert postbox to pst file format
  • Tick off the boxes next to the folders you want to convert.convert postbox to pst
  • The tool will split the large PST files for you automatically. You just have to set the maximum size limit (recommended: less than 15GB), then click on “convert”. It will ask to select a folder for converted PST file. Select a folder & click on Save.converting postbox to pst
  • Let the tool convert all the data. Depending on the size of Postbox database, it will take few minutes.postbox to pst converter
  • At the end click on “Locate Converted PST” to get your files.Postbox Mail to PST for Outlook

The last step is to imort PST files to Windows Outlook/Mac Outlook, which is extremely simple. Just go to ‘File’ –> ‘Import’ and select the PST files that you just converted from Postbox above. Remember to copy the files from your Mac machine to Windows PC.

The special abilities of “Mail Extractor Pro” is its support for non-English text conversion, maintenance of folder hierarchy, batch conversion, data integrity, and intuitive GUI. You will never get any other tool that can help you convert Postbox to PST in such a simple manner.
Another point to note here is that “Mail Extractor Pro” can also convert your Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and MBOX files to PST. So, it is basically a complete, one-in-all package utility for all Mac email clients conversion into PST files.

Download the free trial version now.

If you have any questions or queries, you can contact the support team available round the clock. If you face any serious setback during the process, USL team will be more than happy to stick with you until your data is converted successfully.

Now you have the fair idea about how to convert Postbox to PST with “Mail Extractor Pro”.

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