Convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 Will Never be a Nightmare It Usually Is!

The only successful tool that can convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 efficiently. You never have to look for any other solution to export your Apple Mail data.

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Convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2016

Email migration, like converting Apple Mail to Outlook 2016, is usually a nightmare. Even if you are an expert. And if you have some experience with the job, you know what I am talking about. Both clients – Apple Mail and Outlook 2016 – are excellent software for dealing with emails. But when it comes to migrating data across them, it can become quite a big mess.

So, how to avoid that?

If you are expecting an excellent tool to convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2016, you are right. In the passages that follow below, you will get the perfect solution that you need to migrate data successfully. In fact, it is the only successful tool in this category that gets the job done without any loss to data integrity.

Convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 Using “Mail Extractor Pro”

Mail Extractor Pro” is a faultless software program from USL Software that provides the ultimate solution for converting Apple Mail to Outlook 2016. Through the sophisticated algorithms, USL Software has managed to make the conversion exhaustive and complete without resulting in any integrity damage.

how to convert apple mail to outlook 2016


Here are some it is best features:

  • Autoload feature: This option makes the use of MBOX files unnecessary and less efficient. The tool can auto load the entire Apple Mail profile database for conversion.
  • Takes care of text in any language, including the ones that are very tricky otherwise, such as Chinese because it is encoded using double-byte characters instead of single-byte in languages like English.
  • Handles the folder hierarchy with care, which means, all of your folders from Apple Mailbox will be converted to Outlook 2016 without misplacing the hierarchy.
  • Convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 PST files, but allows users to limit the size of PST files. If the Apple Mail database is huge and the allowed size limit for PST isn’t enough, the tool will automatically create another PST file. In effect, splitting large PST files into smaller ones. Big sized PST file can be hard to import to Windows Outlook.
  • Custom option: “Mail Extractor Pro” also has a custom option, where you can load MBOX files and convert them to PST files for Windows Outlook. This is not recommended but can be useful in certain situations.

How to Use “Mail Extractor Pro” to Convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2016

It’s been already stated above that due to the autoload feature, it is extremely easy to use “Mail Extractor Pro.” But other than that, it’s simple graphical interface makes it easier for even beginners to use it and apply the advanced features wherever necessary.

Here are the steps required to convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2016/2013/2010 and other versions:

  1. Step 1: Download the tool. You can download the setup and use the free trial version for now to follow through the rest of the tutorial. Download Here:
  2. Step 2: Double click the setup and install it.convert apple mail to outlook 2016
  3. Step 3: Launch it and click on “load” next to Apple Mail. It will ask you to pick your Apple Mail profile directory in case there’s also a backup profile.convert apple mail to outlook
  4. Step 4: The tool will display all the folders inside your selection. You can manually select or remove the folders from conversion. You can also choose the filter options to filter out the type of folders you don’t want to convert. Moreover, there’s also an option to ignore all empty folders mail to outlook
  5. Step 5: Set the maximum file size for output PST filesapple mail to outlook 2016
  6. Step 6: Click ‘Convert’ and the conversion will start.converting apple mail to outlook 2016

After conversion you will get full conversion report.

convert mac mail to outlook 2016

Now the only thing left is to import the PST files into Outlook 2016 or any other Outlook versions.

Download “Mail Extractor Pro” setup now to convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2016.

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