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There are many different methods to get your data moved from Mac Mail to Mac Outlook, where both are email clients for Mac users. Some of those methods get the data transferred correctly, some do not.

Mac Mail to Mac Outlook Conversion

The problem with Mac Mail to Mac Outlook conversion is that these email clients do not share any single common data file. Mac Mail natively uses EMLX file format but it is an internal file for the client that is not fit for tasks like migration. Mac Mail can also use MBOX file but sadly, MBOX format is not compatible with Mac Outlook. Therefore, Mac Mail to Mac Outlook data transfer through simply importing data files is out of question.

You need to convert the files to move data. And when it comes to email files, conversion simply doesn’t mean changing the affix/extensions of the files. You cannot change the Mac Mail *.mbox or *.emlx files to *.olm by renaming their extensions.

Mac Outlook natively uses OLM files for importing, exporting, backup, and other similar tasks. OLM is a base or native file format in Mac Outlook, but it can also use PST files for importing data. And in this post, we will see how we can use PST files to our advantage for this email migration task.

Mac Mail to Mac Outlook Converter

Using a proper email file conversion tool also don’t solve the problem completely. There are few file converters that can convert data but this form of raw file conversion is too complex and time consuming and never fully accurate.

So, this is what we recommend.

Use “Mail Extractor Pro”. The reasons why this tool is recommended the most are many. But the most important factor is its ability to convert data straight from Mac Mail database. To put it differently, the tool doesn’t require EMLX or MBOX files; it can extract information from the main native database or any other backup database of Mac Mail.

mac mail to mac outlook

Also, it allows converting Mac Mail databases, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, to PST. To convert Mac Mail to Mac Outlook, all you have to do is choose “Load: Apple Mail” option from the list of input formats. This gets the data into PST files, which can then be imported into Outlook for Mac.

Mac Mail to Mac Outlook Converter

Mac Outlook can import both OLM & PST

Keep in mind that Mac Outlook is a Microsoft email client, which has new features and functionality. But one thing that Microsoft kept the same is the ability to use PST files for importing data. So, by converting Mac Mail data to PST files, you can easily import Mac Mail to both Mac Outlook or Windows Outlook, if you need to.

Easy Way to Convert Mac Mail to Mac Outlook

Other than the tools’ flexible options for loading database and converting them to several format, it also comes with dozens of other unique features that are not present in other simple conversion tools. For instance, you can choose to ignore all empty folders in a single click, or manually remove any folders that you don’t want to convert. It also comes with a tech support of USL Software that twill get you out of any troubles if you face any.

The interface is built for beginners, so even though the tool can handle massive databases and can be used by experts in work environment, it is also perfect for basic users for their personal database folders. Through its intuitive UI you can effortlessly load Mac Mail database, choose the folders for conversion, and simply get everything moved to PST files in no time.

convert mac mail to mac outlook

Get it to convert Mac Mail to Mac Outlook

So, what are you waiting for? Get the trial setup and see it for yourself.

To convert Mac Mail to Mac Outlook, get ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ today.

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