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Best Mac Mail to Pst Converter For a Simple Way of Transferring Emails. Try Mail Extractor Pro, that convert your email data smoothly.

“Mail Extractor Pro” (Mac Mail to PST Converter) is a Mac utility that converts Apple Mail data to Windows Outlook supporting Pst files quickly and conveniently. The simple graphical wizard helps make the transition painless through the agency of its GUI and effective technology. The program works with Apple Mail database and Mbox files thoroughly and put all the data without any loss inside Pst files.

The tool works with electric speed, taking 60% lesser time compared to other similar tools for the whole conversion. And this speed is achieve without any loss of quality, performance, and stability of “Mail Extractor Pro”.

Mail Extractor Pro is a Mac Mail to PST Converter Tool designed to:

The features are –

  • Autload Apple mail database from the “Mail” folder without needing Mbox file
  • The option to manually load through Mbox files is also available.
  • The tool can read, convert, and preserves non-English characters inside the Pst files.

Data inaccuracy and incomplete migration is one of the biggest problems with the Mac Mail to Pst converter. Not with this one. Here are some more of the content or information associated with content the tool can preserve

  • Attachments
  • Images within email body
  • Email headers (To, Cc, Bcc, From, Subject, Time, and date)
  • Other attached objects, word docs, excel sheets, etc
  • Folder structure of hierarchy
  • Nested Messages

Multiple Mbox files conversion:– In case of loading the Apple Mail database automatically, this one doesn’t apply, but if you are converting through Mbox files, you would be happy to know that you can now load multiple Mbox files in one go and convert them all to Pst.

What’s more convenient is that the number of files you select for conversion has no impact on the stability and performance of the tool or of computer itself. It will still convert batch of files with similar speed and accuracy.

Here’s what you need to do to convert Apple Mail to Pst

Luckily, this section is the smallest of all. There is not much to write here.

mac mail to pst converter

  • Simple let the tool load Apple Mail database. Or manually load Mbox files.
  • Choose the folders to convert
  • Click convert

That is all!

There isn’t any better tool than Mail Extractor Pro that offers all of these at the same time.

apple mail to pst converter

Full Mac compatibility

It runs directly in your Mac systems and offer streamline software experience. There are tools that hang or crash when dealing with big files and lots of conversions at the same time. “Mail Extractor Pro” doesn’t have that issue. It delivers speed, performance, and stability at the same time.

Try our Free Version

Download the free trial version if you are not sure if it will suit your needs or not.

It will allow you to have 10 item conversions  per folder from Mac Mail to Pst. The limit of 10 items is enough to test the program thoroughly. If you found it effective,  register for the full version.

Moreover, with the full version, you will get:

  • 24*7 customer support
  • Free lifetime software updates

So, what is the reason for delaying anymore? Get it today!

If you are looking for Mac Mail to pst converter, Mail Extractor Pro is perfect for you.

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