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Simplified your Mbox to Pst Conversion Needs. Mail Extractor Pro converts Apple Mail or MBOX file to PST file format for Microsoft Outlook (Mac & Windows).

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Perfect Apple Mail / MBOX to PST Conversion tool for Mac – “Mail Extractor Pro”

mbox to pst conversion

MBOX is a generic term used for a file format to store the data in many mac supporting email clients. It is safe to imply that MBOX is the most popular file format for emails. MBOX file format is used by Apple mail, Postbox, Entourage, Eudora, Netscape, Thunderbird, and many others. It looks apparent that converting MBOX format to PST should be easy enough. Both, MBOX and PST are recognizable terms by common users.

But the reality is different. Moving away from all these email clients that use MBOX file format to Windows Outlook (PST) is very tricky due to many reasons. There is a manual method to import MOBX to PST using Outlook inbuilt export/import features. However, that manual conversion method is extremely unsafe, difficult, and consumes a lot of time.

This is where you have to find a professional email converter tool that could convert MBOX to PST.

In a minute, I will disclose an email converter tool that would convert MBOX to PST in a safe manner. But first, some introduction to the process itself, common terms involved, and why you need to think twice before purchasing an email converter tool.

PST – Personal Storage file

Outlook in Windows generally use two type of data files for its operations. OST and PST files. PST is basically a personal storage format file and is used to store copies of emails and other items by Outlook.

This brings us to the main issue of the post. How to convert MBOX to PST effectively? Before we address the question, it becomes of high importance to address another issue that usually comes up. How to migrate from MBOX supported email clients to Outlook for free?

Our experts would say, yes, it can be done. There are freeware and many tips and tricks available at various forums, blogs, etc., showing how to convert MBOX to PST for free. Some known companies even offer freeware, free email converters that seem to convert MBOX files to PST for free.

It is not to say that these free tools do not work, but we strictly recommend to avoid it. If MBOX files are few, you could go ahead and choose one of these free methods. However, if that is not the case, avert yourself from these free services and complex maze of tips and tricks.

Here is why you should avoid free MBOX to PST conversion tool wherever possible:-

  1. Lack of the safety of your files: The biggest risk is of data loss. These freeware have no concern for the safety of your files. And often times, users report negative results using these tools. Losing of your emails and other items is the last thing you would want to do when performing email migration.
  2. Extremely complicated: Suppose, you are lucky and you don’t encounter any data loss, the second biggest concern would be of utter difficulty in performing the migration. Using free MBOX to PST converter tools are very difficult to operate. The process isn’t automated and much of the task has to be done manually.
  3. Loss of time: Last, but not least, loss of your precious time is in itself the biggest disadvantage of choosing free tools over professional ones.

Instead, go for the effective and professional tools. Sure, there aren’t many and you do have to find the good ones in the crowd of bad ones, but the reward is worth it. The good news is, we have done half of the research work for you…finding the good ones and eliminating the ones that was not worth for you.

One of such tools that our experts don’t hesitate in recommending is “MAIL EXTRACTOR PRO”. The company behind Mail Extractor Pro is USL software, not exactly a company that has been established for decades, but nonetheless, they have managed to establish their authority is just couple of years. Their expertise is pretty evident from the testimonials, and of course, the results speak of themselves.

MBOX to PST migration is a challenging task. Depending on your budget, decide wisely – to go for free tools or the professional ones. Mail Extractor Pro is definitely not a free tool, but comparatively, a very affordable one. If you can’t at all spend a dime, choose a free one. If you are low on budget, but interested in good performance, go for this one.

convert mbox to pst

Try Mail Extractor Pro for your mbox to pst conversion.

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