Apple Mail to Outlook Conversion – 5 reasons why Mail Extractor Pro is the best

Here are the 5 reasons why 'Mail Extractor Pro' is the best for Apple Mail to Outlook Conversion. Try it today and convert Apple Mail to Outlook at no hassle.

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Apple Mail to Outlook Conversion

A considerable amount of email users are looking to switch from Apple mail to Outlook. Apple Mail is indisputably a decent and a feature-abundant email client for Mac. It does not, however, run in Windows. Therefore, users who migrate to Windows have to change their email client, and in doing so, have to find a way to export all that data (emails, contacts, tasks, and calendar items) to their new Windows based email app. This article discusses one of such types of migration – from Apple mail to Outlook.

Before we begin, one thing needs to be explained to get it out of the way. To perform this task without any third party aid is not considered a wise decision. If you do decide to take charge and convert Apple Mail files to Outlook files manually, in all your naivety and lack of experience, you may experience a terrible situation of data loss. After observing such situations of users that report to us, we do not recommend going that way. A third party email migration tool will cost a penny extra, but is certainly worth it. If you are a business owner performing the conversion within your organization, contrary to an individual email user, the importance of professional email migration tools exceed ordinary levels.

Mail Extractor Pro is one of such rare effective tools in the market, which could perform the task with ease and accuracy. It can convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX files to PST for Outlook for Mac 2016 / 2011 and Outlook for Windows 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003.

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Why Mail Extractor Pro is best for Apple Mail to Outlook Conversion

Today, we discuss the five major factors that put ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ at top, way ahead of any other similar email migration tools.

1. Laser Sharp Focus on Email Migration

USL Software, the company behind Mail Extractor Pro, has established themselves as an expert. The reason is their primary focus on email migration industry and nothing else. USL Software intentionally did not spread to multiple areas of software designing. Instead, they focused on bringing superior level of email migration solutions, on a consistent basis, since their launch.

2. Unique Features and Flexibility

Mail Extractor Pro has unique features that are absent in other tools of the same category. That allows users to modify the settings and the default behavior to make it meet their specific needs. The settings can be tweaked and configured to meet the end-users’ requirements.

3. High precision maintained

Accuracy, precision, and the repeatability of positive results is a tight job for email converter tools. The process is complex enough for majority of the tools to loose data along the way, resulting in data fidelity issues. “Mail Extractor Pro” was designed by employing the third, latest generation technology, which makes any unwanted data modification, or loss impossible. It offers high level of precision in data fidelity every time it is put up to use for Apple Mail to Outlook conversion.

4. Racing speeds of conversion

Speed in email conversion is not only about finishing up quickly or about being fast. It means wrapping the task efficiently at end, no dependency on any external plugins or sort, no compatibility issues with computer’s OS, no overlapping issues with other running programs, and smooth operation of the tool across all of its functions. Based on those factors, Mail Extractor Pro is without a doubt one of the fastest email converter tools you could find outside. At its core, lies a highly sophisticated, yet substantially efficient programming that makes all of its operations run on a fly, with relative ease and with lightning fast speed.

5. Convert MBOX to PST

Mail Extractor Pro is not only for Apple Mail to Outlook conversion, but can also convert MBOX files to PST. MBOX is a popular email file format and a standard term for a file format where numerous email applications saves their data. Examples of apps that use MBOX file would be – Apple Mail, Entourage, Thunderbird, Netscape, etc. Therefore, Mail Extractor Pro acts as a universal email converter that could convert data from world’s famous email clients to Windows Outlook.

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Download it for Apple Mail to Outlook Conversion

Download Now

The free trial version has no restrictions on features. You can try the tool fully and get confident in its capability before investing your hard earned money. The only restriction is of time, that is, it will only run for a limited time. Later, once you sense its potential with your own senses, you can purchase from one of the three paid licenses.

Try it today for Apple Mail to Outlook Conversion.

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