What Works and What Doesn’t During MBOX to Outlook Import!

Here’s what you need to know about what works and what does not when moving data from MBOX to Outlook import. The only article you will ever need to read to successfully migrate data.

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Converting MBOX to Outlook Import (PST)

If you have MBOX files, either from Mac Mail or Thunderbird or Google Takeout, but not sure how to open it in Outlook or how to convert MBOX to Outlook Import supporting file, this article will give you all the information that you need. There are few viable but plenty of inefficient ways to go about this. The amount of misinformation and confusion can be hard to overcome if you are new at this. The post below talks in detail about what works when converting or moving MBOX to Outlook and what does not.

What is MBOX?

Since you already have an MBOX file, most likely, you probably have an idea what is. But here’s a quick primer on it anyway.

MBOX is a file that is used across many programs and services to store data. It can be used to import, export, migrate, backup, or restore data. First implemented by Mac Mail in its first edition, the file quickly became one of the most common and then the standard data file for storing information. Most users might be familiar with the Google MBOX file, where you can download your Google data from services like Gmail and Blogger into a personal downloadable MBOX file.

The part where it gets tricky is that the MBOX, regardless of its generic and standard nature, isn’t supported by Outlook (Windows and Mac both).

The Methods Often Employed but Don’t Produce Fruitful Results!

There are some solutions to overcome the incompatibility of MBOX file with Outlook. These solutions may work in few cases, specially when the data file isn’t too big and the information inside the file aren’t too complex (for instance, Unicode text or MIME defined content).

One common way to get the data inside MBOX file into Outlook is by importing the file into email clients that do support this format, like Mac Mail and Thunderbird. You can import the file into Mac Mail, sync the data to your email account servers using internet, add the same account into Outlook, and sync the data back from the servers into the client.

As you can see, this is probably the worst way to get your data in MBOX into Outlook, as it involves too many steps. But worst than that, it often results in incomplete export/import of data. You may expect to see many items missing, mostly complex items like non-English text and MIME defined content, headers, metadata, and graphical objects.

Using a Professional Third-Party Converter!

The best way to tackle this is by converting the file into another file that Outlook can understand and read and import. The most common file used by Outlook is PST. It’s a native file format for Windows Outlook but can also be used to import data in Mac Outlook.

Now there are few converters to do that that you can find online. But most of them lack the advanced algorithms and programming requires to extract and restructure content data during conversion. There’s one tool however that gets the job done perfectly.

It’s called “Mail Extractor Pro.” It’s actually a software application that can convert several formats and data from many email clients into PST files, one of which includes MBOX files. The best part about ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ is its advanced algorithms, programming framework, and dedicated logic to do this as accurately as possible. It doesn’t mess up your folder hierarchy or other minute details and metadata that are often included in email related files.

MBOX to Outlook Import

The tool also lets you convert more than one MBOX file to PST in one go. You just need to keep all those files for conversion under a single folder and then just select that folder. “Mail Extractor Pro” will let you choose or remove any particular mailbox folders within the selected files.

mbox to outlook

Get it to convert MBOX to Outlook Import (PST)

Another huge benefit of using ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ over any other tool for this objective is that it is supported by 24 x 7 tech support from USL Software that will answer any of your questions or solve any problems you may not be able to solve on your own.

Download the trial edition to check it out and convert mbox to Outlook import file fiormat (PST).

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