MBOX to Outlook Converter Tool Download– Indispensable Functionalities, Intuitive UI, and a Tech Support!

Get this MBOX to Outlook Converter Tool that is designed for accurate and bug free conversion. Try this ultimate software to convert all *.mbox to Outlook for Mac and MS Windows Outlook.

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MBOX to Outlook Converter Tool

Mail Extractor Pro” is a MBOX to Outlook converter tool from USL Software full of important features that can be used with an intuitive interface and it also comes with a 24×7 tech support to help beginners convert data effortlessly.

Before “Mail Extractor Pro,” it was an absolute ordeal to get the Mac Mail data moved to Windows Outlook or Mac Outlook, especially in Mac. Since the best way to do that is usually by converting MBOX to PST, users were stuck with Windows-based converters that were severely lacking in aspects that are essential of any such utility.

MBOX to Outlook Converter Download

Mail Extractor Pro” brings everything a user has been asking for many years. The tool is designed in such a way that all kinds of users from beginners to experts who need to convert an extremely large and complex database to a simple one can begin to convert files conveniently. The simple GUI is the perfect complement to the sophisticated algorithms and dedicated logic to convert every object from MBOX files.

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But what makes it best is that it supports the direct auto-loading of Mac Mail database. So, if you have isolated MBOX files from any source, you can load them up for converting them to PST for Windows Outlook and Mac Outlook. But if you want to convert Mac Mail data, you don’t need MBOX file; rather just click on Auto-load to instruct the tool to get your contents straightaway from the source, and that is, the profile database directory where ‘Mail’ stores everything.

Other unique features of MBOX to Outlook converter tool are as follows:

  • Also, converts Thunderbird and Postbox databases to PST files.
  • Folder preview and manual section/removal of folders before conversion.
  • Splits large PST files into smaller files, making it easier to import to Windows Outlook.
  • The dedicated support for converting emails containing complex language characters especially encoded with DBCS (double-byte) like Chinese
  • Maps the folder hierarchy from input (Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX) to PST files correctly, which means all your folders retain the original location and structure after conversion into PST.
  • Very quick data conversion, almost as fast as 1GB per 10 minutes under normal situations
  • Converts every single email item like Images, metadata, headers, time and date stamps, nested emails, attachments, and more.
  • Full and brief conversion log for analysis, priceless feature for large-scale migration projects

Here’s how to actually convert MBOX to Outlook:

  1. Launch the MBOX to Outlook Converter tool (Mail Extractor Pro).convert mbox to outlook
  2. Click on “Load” next to MBOX files.mbox to outlook converter
  3. Select a MBOX file and click on ‘Open’.mbox to outlook converter tool download
  4. If you have multiple MBOX files, follow the step. Select a folder containing MBOX files and click on ‘Open’. mbox to outlook converter download free
  5. You can see all the MBOX files in the preview section. mbox to outlook converter download
  6. Unmark the files that you don’t want to convert. mbox to outlook converter tool
  7. Set the limit for PST file to split the ones that can grow overly large
  8. Click “Convert” and then select a folder save the PST file.download mbox to outlook converter
  9. Wait for the conversion to be over. mbox to outlook converter free

MBOX to Outlook Converter Download Free Trial

You can get the trial setup here and check it out.

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And the 24×7 tech support is really friendly, quick, and are made up of email migration experts that will help at any stage that you need help for.

If you are looking for MBOX to Outlook converter tool, then try ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘.

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