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MBOX Converter free trial version of “Mail Extractor Pro.” The one of the only few software tools guaranteed to give you the best value for the buck. It is simple to use and converts emails while keeping all the metadata and headers unbroken.

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A Unified and Advanced MBOX Converter Free Trial Version for your evalaution!

MBOX Converter Free

Converting MBOX is no easy task. It is one of the most complex email files that has made data backup and archiving and sharing files easier. But sadly, it doesn’t work with few email clients, one of which is Outlook (Windows and Mac). And the complexity of the file format makes it hard to convert to PST format for Outlook.

But not unless a tool is built with innovating and precise algorithm to handle the data correctly.

Get MBOX Converter free trial

Mail Extractor Pro” is that one tool that beats any other in this category because it is built with a strong integral core that extracts and converts data with high precision. Developed by USL Software, it brings the professional approach of complex data conversion to basic users, but also retaining its power to be used by experts in work related large databases.

MBOX Converter Free

Get this mbox converter free trial for converting all *.mbox files to *.pst file for Mac Outlook and Windows Outlook.

Before talking about it in detail, you should know that “Mail Extractor Pro” is a software to convert many files and databases to Outlook PST files. Converting MBOX is just one of its features. You can also convert Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX files to PST. However, here are only focusing on it as an MBOX converter.

MBOX Converter Free trial


It has the quickest conversion speed than any other tool. It has been often the most wanted aspect of an email migration by advanced users, because converting large databases can really be frustrating because of the amount it takes. “Mail Extractor Pro” works very fast on processing data in MBOX files and converting it to PST.

Support all MBOX and PST:

You can load any MBOX file from any source for conversion. Like Mac Mail, Thunderbird, or Google Takeout MBOX file. And the PST file that it returns as an output with the converted data from MBOX can also be used in all Outlook versions including Mac Outlook.

Converts all languages:

Many tools don’t convert all non-English languages, especially those that use double-byte characters. Examples include Chinese and Japanese. “Mail Extractor Pro” has dedicated logic to ensure all email text is converted cleanly regardless of the characters used in other languages.

Keeps the folders in order:

Most likely, you have arranged your emails in folders. The hierarchy of folders (and sub-folders within) are often not preserved during conversion and your output files may contain emails with broken structure. That’s not how “Mail Extractor Pro” works. You will get all your folders converted with their original hierarchy.

Can Handle Large and multiple Files:

Have many MBOX files to convert and they are quite large? No problem. Keep them all under one folder and then select the folder. The tool is built to handle large scale migration tasks and will not perform any less efficiently during bulk conversions.

Very light weight:

Even though, it converts data accurately and can handle big projects likely to be performed in corporate machines, it still is very light weight and doesn’t use much of your CPU resources. It is also very steady and never crashes.

MBOX Converter Free Download

MBOX Converter Free Download

The link here is for instant download. Click it and get the setup file downloaded without giving any information. You can then use it in a free trial mode. Once seen it in action, you can activate the full version by choosing any of the available licenses.

MBOX Converter Free Version

Try the mbox converter free trial today for evaluation and get the full version, if you are satisfied the the results.

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