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MBOX Converter for converting standard MBOX files to PST files for Windows and Mac Outlook. It’s a complete migration utility that process data without errors and gives clean output.

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MBOX Converter

There are many email file converters that convert one format of data file to another. Same applies for the MBOX file converter, where they can convert them to other formats like PST. However, most of them have incomplete set of features that are required to convert the data inside the files cleanly. Rarely would you find an MBOX converter that gives you a professional level precision and control.

The Best and the Only MBOX Converter

Here we are unveiling one such atypical application, which is the only professional converter for MBOX to PST file conversion, that offers extreme precision over data integrity, fast data rate of conversion, tech support, and all that you will need to do it correctly.

It’s called “Mail Extractor Pro” and based on its name, it’s an application that extracts data from mails from multiple sources. Therefore, to be more precise, it’s more than an MBOX file converter; the application is built as a complete data migration utility for both beginners and advanced users to migrate data from Mac based email clients to PST files for Outlook.

Mail Extractor Pro converts data from Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox as well as *.mbox file to PST file for Microsoft Windows Outlook and Mac Outlook.

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MBOX file is one of the “source” of data you can choose to convert to PST, and that’s the one we are focusing here.

3 Highlighting Features makes “Mail Extractor Pro” the Only and One of its Kind Email Migration Utility

As said above, this application works on most data email data sources that are used in Mac. It can convert the databases of Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, and MBOX and EML files too. That alone makes it a unique tool offering such input options that you will not find in one single application elsewhere. But there are many more reasons why “Mail Extractor Pro” proves itself to be the most recommended app for this task.

1 – It’s interface:

Regardless of what you offer in a software application, if the user interface isn’t up to the standard, none of that matters. Fortunately, with this application, not only do you get a number of valuable features, it’s interface is designed from the grounds up for facilitating email migration even for total beginners. You don’t need to get into any of the technical details of email migration; just follow the graphical oriented wizard and instructions, and you will realize how simple and efficient this task can be.

2 – Data Accuracy:

Accuracy of the data that’s converted is what is essential in the end. If you find out that there are multiple items missing in the converted PST files, then the rest of the aspects of the converter don’t make much sense. And that’s what most incomplete MBOX file converters often deliver; data integrity errors and partially converted files. Most commonly, you will find the text characters (in non-English languages) not converted with precision, or the email attachments are lost, or the images inside emails are damaged, and other similar mistakes. Only “Mail Extractor Pro” can take on your complex email databases and files and convert everything right down to a single byte of information without missing a beat.

3 – Supporting folder hierarchy:

Sometimes due to the basics of data processing, most incomplete MBOX converters don’t take the hierarchy of your folders into consideration. They often convert each item inside files while ignoring their location and index value, resulting in output data that’s scattered and chaotic. That can be painful for most users, especially with a large amount of emails stored in MBOX files. “Mail Extractor Pro” has the dedicated framework to convert data in MBOX files while taking the configuration of the emails and their folders into account. That gives you perfectly aligned folders in the converted PST files matching the original hierarchy.

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Download the MBOX Converter Free Trial Version Here!

Mail Extractor Pro” has much more than what’s briefly explained above. It allows the option to remove any folders that you don’t want to convert, remove all empty folder sin a single click, split large PST files, and so on. The best way to find out all about its features and how it actually works with your personal MBOX files, download the free trial version.

The tool goes beyond and above the simple MBOX file converter. It’s a complete software package coupled with 24 x 7 tech support that gives you the ultimate and professional approach of an otherwise awkward and tricky task of MBOX converter.

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