Import MBOX to PST Using ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ by USL Software

Import MBOX to PST free using “Mail Extractor Pro” that will lead to complete migration and no amount of data loss.

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Are you looking to import MBOX to PST for free?

It is a reasonable choice import your email data without spending a dime.

Import MBOX to PST (for Win & Mac Outlook)

however, free utilities that are available today on the web to import MBOX to PST do not work correctly. And if you have important data to import, you are putting all your sensitive information at risk.

Free utilities to convert mbox to PST or not just extremely hard to use but are also truly inefficient and inaccurate. Where they lack the most is there conversion algorithms. Email file conversion is a complex job and it requires sophisticated programming to actually pull it out successfully. Most of the free tools available online do not work as expected.

So today we are bringing to you an excellent software application to convert / import MBOX to PST files accurately and conveniently. It is called the “Mail Extractor Pro” and it is equipped with professional features and user-friendly interface.

import mbox to pst

Developed by USL software that you will give you sufficient options convert data according to your preferences that’s where most developers lack with accurate algorithms and logic the Mail Extractor Pro is developed perfectly for all departments and asp import mbox to PST free

Want to find out the features of this amazing tool? continue reading.

Convert any number of files in one go!

The Mail Extractor pro has enough power and ability to convert multiple and large mbox files to PST without any trade-offs with all the other features it has to offer like accuracy and speed.

import mbox to pst free

Convert files with high speed

Most of the ordinary tools that claim to import mbox to PST can be painfully slow. Email Extractor Pro is built with smooth data flow algorithms that convert your data without wasting your precious time.

importing mbox to pst

User-Friendly UI

Probably the biggest aspect of any software application is its interface, which allows to interact with the all the functions and features that it has to offer. Without a good interface, nothing matters in a software. Luckily, “Mail Extractor Pro” is built fully around for maximum comfort and intractability with the tool’s functionality.

Avoid folders from Conversion

You can exclude certain folders you don’t wish to import from MBOX to PST. Simply untick them from the ‘preview’ section. This may not sound a big feature but when you compare it with other free MBOX to PST import tools that convert the entire files without giving any options, it is priceless to save time by excluding unnecessary data.

Split PST Files

PST files can contain a large amount of data. But that doesn’t mean overly large PST files are good. They can be incredibly hard to import to Windows Outlook and can lead to errors. Thankfully, “Mail Extractor Pro” has an option that creates additional PST files after a certain size that you specify manually has crossed. Just enter the desired file size and the tool will limit the output size to that.

Download to import mbox to pst

There’s a free trial setup available today that you can try and see how the tool works in action.

Click the link here, get the setup, install it within few minutes, and you are good to import mbox to pst.

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