How to Convert 20 GB MBOX Files to PST in Less Than an Hour!

Professionals’ first choice when they want to convert massive sized MBOX files to PST. It gives them the chance to finish an otherwise tedious process quickly without any burden or pain.

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Converting MBOX files to PST depletes your energy and time very fast. It is not something users look forward to, but it is a must-do task nevertheless. If you need to import MBOX files to Outlook, you must first convert it to PST whether you like it or not. That ordinarily requires setting aside countless hours, which is excruciating for the users concerned with productivity.

Challenges to MBOX Files Size

The worst is when the total files amount to a large aggregate size. That is when you have a complex data exporting project ready to slip from your hands and the day is about to be ruined.

If you are now going, “there must be a way to do it quickly without spending your entire day or even two,” you are correct.

Here we are looking at a solution that frees you from the burden of pointless manual steps and technical drills that everyone hates. As a result, you can convert your MBOX files to PST in no time.

The tool discussed below is always the first choice of experts who likes doing things quickly and the correct way. You will also see why.

So, How to Convert MBOX files to PST

We are talking about “Mail Extractor Pro.” It is not another ordinary file conversion tool. It is a standalone application to let you convert data from MBOX, Apple Mail, and Thunderbird to PST files, and is equipped with all the essentials. Whatever you need, the tool covers it.

mbox files to pst

But the cream of its features is the speed, especially when administering heavy databases and files. Because that is when the task truly becomes painful when using generic tools, leaving users exhausted.

Based on a proprietary conversion engine built meticulously by USL Software, the tool can work on many files at once without interruptions and gaps. You can load up to 20 GB or even more MBOX files and hope to get a return within an hour.

Capable of handle large size MBOX files to PST

The PST files it generates are clean and accurate with everything the original MBOX files stored. There are no lapses in data integrity, no unwanted changes in the structure, and no loss in information.

Considering the email complexity of modern day, preserving the fidelity of files is at the top of everyone’s concerns.

Look at your files and you will notice hundreds of different information and content. It is no more about simple text. An Email today is a sophisticated form of information sharing tool that can construct complex, content-rich files. For example, the MBOX files you want to convert may contain attachments, Unicode and MIME content, HTML formatted emails, graphics, nested emails, headers, and much more.

Only with “Mail Extractor Pro,” you get to convert every little bit of detail without exception. And with impressive speed.

Who wants to waste another minute at a dreary technical job when you can finish it earlier!

Get it to convert MBOX files to PST for MS Outlook

mbox files to pst file

Note that it is a fully standalone app that works directly on Mac. It does not need internet connection or cloud-based scripting to work. Simply install and use. Try the demo edition to get a peek at its features and interface from up close.

Get it today and convert your any size of MBOX files to PST.

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