Import Apple Mail into Outlook by converting directly from Identity Database

Import Apple Mail into Outlook easily and without any issues. Download and try "Mail Extractor Pro" for that, a tool by USL Software.

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Import Apple Mail into Outlook

Mail Extractor Pro” from USL Software is set out to change how you thought of Apple Mail to Outlook conversion. Usually, third party tools need MBOX files to convert Apple Mail data into PST files for Windows Outlook / Mac Outlook. This file conversion is necessary due to the fact that Windows Outlook cannot import MBOX files and Mac Mail cannot archive data into PST files.

import apple mail into outlook data file

MBOX to PST conversion has been the most common and traditional form of data migration to import Apple Mail into Outlook. But “Mail Extractor Pro” shifts that paradigm forever, for good.
Now with “Mail Extractor Pro” you don’t need MBOX files, which saves you a lot of time from archiving/exporting data. The tool can directly load identity database named as “Mail” under your users’ library folder.

What this can do to the Apple Mail to Outlook conversion, as opposed to using MBOX files:

  • It is obviously easy, since all it requires is one click and not an elaborate process for data archiving.
  • It is also evidently quick. The data extractions is much faster when the tool targets the raw data source as opposed to some archived MBOX files.
  • But the most important change is in the accuracy of data accuracy and the conservation of data integrity. Since it targets the source without interference, the likelihood of missing any item is almost nil. The chances of data loss in MBOX files, in comparison, is extremely high.

That is why “Mail Extractor Pro” has quickly gained the attention of many users across the world to import Apple Mail into Outlook.

Import Apple Mail into Outlook Quick & Simple

  • Click on ‘Apple Mail: Load‘.import apple mail into outlook
  • Then click on “Auto Load” to auto detect your Apple Mail database or click on ‘Open‘ to locate ‘Apple Mail Mailbox Export‘ and ‘Mail’ folder copied.import apple mail into outlook for mac
  • Set the PST file size and click on ‘Convert‘. For More detail:

Along with its auto-load approach, it also brings new features to the table that aren’t easily achievable in email migration tools.

The features you should know:

  • It supports the conversion of non-English text, including Japanese and Korean. These are languages encoded with double-byte characters, which are always tricky.
  • The tool maps the entire folder hierarchy without modification. No changes are made to the structure and order of your email folders.
  • It offers you the chance to keep the size of converted PST files under control. You can set the maximum file size for PST files and the tool will split them into smaller files if needed. The recommended size is around 15GB. It ensures that you don’t face any problems while importing them into Windows Outlook.
  • The tool delivers extremely fast rate of data conversion, almost 200% quicker than conventional MBOX to PST converters. There are lots of reasons for that. The main reason being its auto-load function, but the algorithms for the extraction of information is very precise, resulting in smooth data-flow without jumps.
  • All of its functions work offline. Only activation requires internet connectivity. This strengthens the safety of your data and protects it from the vast worldwide web where anything can happen.
  • The manual MBOX conversion is not recommended, but is still offered for the users that for some reason cannot use the auto-load option. MBOX conversion can be performed in bulk on countless multiple MBOX files of any size.

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Try “Mail Extractor Pro.” You will not be disappointed and Import Apple Mail into Outlook without any hassle.

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