Export MBOX to PST – Free Trial Version of “Mail Extractor Pro” Available to Download Now!

Export MBOX to PST Free using a trial edition of a professional software application developed for both experts and general users. Equipped with advanced functionalities but has a simple and intuitive UI.

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Export MBOX to PST – Try it free today

Mail Extractor Pro” comes with a free trial version to let you see check it out all its features and the interface. Export MBOX to PST with ease and no hassle migration. It’s an efficient software application from USL Software to convert Mac Mail to PST using either MBOX files or directly from Mac Mail database (recommended). It can also be used to convert MBOX files from any source, primarily used by many users to convert Google MBOX files as offered the ‘takeout’ feature of Google.

If you are interested, you can download the trial setup right now and get started in you Mac in just a few minutes. The rest of the article brushes upon two major points of “Mail Extractor Pro” and why it is the best tool you can get.

mbox to pst

Export MBOX to PST Accurately with No Data Integrity Loss!

Probably the main concern of all users is to not being able to convert data precisely with all the elements preserved. It’s called data integrity loss and in simple terms, it means that the output PST files aren’t exactly similar to the input MBOX files. Either the complete data parts are missing, or there’s some unwanted modification. And the complexity of email data in the modern world makes it even harder to convert data without losing the integrity.

This is where “Mail Extractor Pro” truly shines.

export mbox to pst

It has in-built dedicated logic that targets separate forms/types of data for maximum accuracy. The result/output is always 100% exhaustive conversion without any missing items.

export mbox to pst free

Here are some of the major data components that most other traditional MBOX to PST free or paid converters cannot:

  • Metadata or headers including information like To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, and From
  • Email Attachments
  • Nested emails and their structure
  • Embedded graphical objects
  • Non-English characters, like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (the ones that use double-byte or DBCS encoding standards)

All of these and more are converted by “Mail Extractor Pro” easily.

mbox to pst export

Batch Exporting MBOX to PST!

Another feature that doesn’t get talked much and also isn’t offered by many tools is the batch conversion.

Most of the users have more than one MBOX file. With ordinary utilities, it can take a lot of time to convert all of them since they do not support batch conversion. You will have to convert each file individually. That’s what makes “Mail Extractor Pro” so productive and efficient because you can simply select the folder inside which you can save any number of MBOX files and convert all of them to PST in a single attempt.

export mbox to pst free version

The tool also makes sure that it does so without compromising the speed and the accuracy of the process. Most other tools that somehow do support batch conversion would either hang or crash when you load multiple files. Not “Mail Extractor Pro”.

Export MBOX to PST free trial version

There are plenty of other features that make the job effortless and they are not available with other tools in similar fashion. Such as splitting large PST files, non-English text support, manual folder selection/removal, etc.

Get the trial setup copy and use it in a trial mode to see all the features and interface in detail.

Click here to download ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ to export mbox to pst hassle free.

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