Export emails from Mac Mail to Outlook

Export emails from Mac Mail to Outlook can be simple enough if you know how to or have professional tool to help you along. Sadly, not many solutions are like that, but there is one that you absolutely need.

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No Non-Sense Approach to export emails from Mac Mail to Outlook – Quick, Accurate, and Professional.

Export emails from Mac Mail to Outlook

Mac Mail to Outlook Conversion is often done through one of the several methods.

  1. Through email servers by syncing data across servers and clients and don’t involve any data files or any third-party application except an email account.
  2. Through EMLX or MBOX file to PST file converter, where EMLX Is a native file for Apple Mail and PST is for Windows Outlook. Requires a third-party tool so you can manually load the EMLX or MBOX files to convert them to PST.
  3. Direct conversion from Apple Mail native database to PST files, except you don’t need to manually load EMLX or MBOX files.

The first two methods are the most common ones because of several reasons. The first instinct of the user is to take the first method as it doesn’t involve buying any third-party application and can be done manually by the users themselves. But clearly, that also means it takes more time and efforts. But what is not clear is the inner flaws and limitations of such a manual approach that would make any smart user avoid it at all costs.

First of all, to export emails from Mac Mail to Outlook through email servers, you need an email account that allows you to have data equal to the amount you want to migrate. Sure, you can do it in steps, migrating the amount of data equal to the space allowed in your emailing servers, but that would take countless number of attempts. Secondly, even if you ignore every other painful limitation of the process, you are most likely not going to get full conversion results. Often, users have reported many errors and gaps in their output data, like broken images, damaged email addresses, folder hierarchy not same as original, or empty folders, and so on.

Similarly, the second approach, converting the raw files of Apple Mail (EMLX) or archived file (MBOX) isn’t efficient and suffer from some of the same problems as the first manual method. It is slightly better as you get the benefit of a third-party software application that makes the data extraction slightly quicker but it is not a difference worth your time and money. Most EMLX and MBOX to PST file converters are also not close enough to give you perfect and accurate data conversion. You can still face a lot of missing components and damaged hierarchy.

This brings us to the third option – directly converting Mac Mail profile database to PST files. Naturally, this sounds far better option since you don’t have to deal with the files or any email servers. This doesn’t involve digging into your database and looking for the files that might contain your email messages. It also helps you avoid syncing data to the servers in a low, agonizing process, much so if your internet connection isn’t up to the standard. The third approach to move Mac Mail to Outlook is best in all ways concerned with email migration.

But it also depends on which tool you are going to use. Since the process is not manual, you do need a utility to process it all and depending on which one you are going to choose is what matters in the end.

Do not worry, we have solved that question for you.

There are not a lot of Mac Mail to Outlook migration utilities that give you the best and most professional technique to transfer data directly from the native folder. But there’s one that has stood the test of time and has got a lot of praise from experts and home users both.

Export emails from mac mail to outlook Quick & Simple Way

It goes by the name of “Mail Extractor Pro” and has all the elements of a professional software application that you have been craving for. The tool lets you choose whether you want to autoload data from the default profile folder location of Apple Mail or from many other backup locations. But in both cases, you don’t need to select any raw files like EMLX or MBOX, which is in itself a significant improvement in the entire process.

export emails from mac mail to outlook

Here is some more information about it:

  • The powerful data processing algorithms and dedicated support for complex and intricate details in the database ensure your sensitive data is dealt safely and accurately. You will never face any sort of data integrity loss. From images to metadata to headers and to non-English characters, everything is extracted and processed cleanly without any loss to details.
  • Mail Extractor Pro” is mostly used to export emails from Mac mail to Outlook (PST files), but it can also do a lot more, like converting Thunderbird, Postbox and MBOX files to PST.
  • If you are converting a full database, it also has an excellent feature to keep your folder hierarchy correct in the output files because it maps the entire structure as it is without modification.
  • If you are converting MBOX files, you can convert a bulk of them at the same time. Be ready to bid adieu to the obsolete and time-consuming approach of converting each file one at a time.
  • The support for Unicode characters (non-English) is also a big relief to many users who either communicate in other languages than English or have international clients that do. Because most tools do not fully get those complex text characters, mainly Chinese, and can end up losing a large part of your email text that can be very important.
  • The interface is basic and have clear instructions. All the features can be intuitively understood and easily implemented even by home users who know nothing about the background technical information.

how to export emails from mac mail to outlook

Get it export emails from Mac Mail to Outlook

You can try the free trial version here.

Another benefit of going with companies like USL Software, the one behind this tool called “Mail Extractor Pro,” is additional services that you get. In this case, you can get an excellent support 24 x 7 available to assist you, several licenses for your specific needs, and lifetime free updates to the tool.

export email from mac mail to outlook

Get ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ today to export emails from Mac Mail to Outlook.

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