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Import Mac Mail to Outlook 365 using Mail Extractor Pro

Outlook 365 is a part of Microsoft Office 365, which is a group of products and subscriptions. If you have subscribed for Office 365, you get the office products (like word, excel, outlook, cloud storage, etc.) and depending on the type of subscription, you can install them on several Mac and/or Windows machines. With Office 365, you also always get updated version of these office apps.

There are users whose work depend heavily on these apps, especially Outlook. And there is always this criticism that Mac variant of Outlook is not that good as compared to its Windows counterpart. Therefore, there are many users switching from Mac computers to Windows’, more so in the work environment.

If you are also moving to Windows and are interested in Office 365 (or already have the subscription), you might want to know few things in regards to Outlook and email migration.

Importing from Mac Mail (the most popular client in Mac) to Outlook 365 in Windows can be hard work. This is because the files that are used for these email clients are not compatible with each other. Mbox (Mac Mail) is not compatible with Outlook in Windows (which uses Pst).

Note* – The Outlook that’s currently included in Outlook 365 is Outlook 2016 version. You can also buy Outlook 2016 as opposed to subscribing to Office 365. But then you won’t be able to use it on multiple devices. Microsoft has always pushed their products as services and therefore you would find many benefits if you go for subscription instead of buying standalone apps.

Use “Mail Extractor Pro” for converting files

For a Mac user switching to Windows Office 365, you can convert Mac Mail data to Pst files using “Mail Extractor Pro” by USL Software.

The tool can convert emails, contacts, calendar data, and other items directly from Mac Mail database to Pst files. These Pst files can be imported to any Outlook versions starting from 2003 to 2016 including Outlook 365 (which is basically Outlook 2016).

  • The files are accurate in its data mirroring from source. That means, whatever data was originally in Mac Mail, you will get the same in Pst files with no loss or unwanted modification.

  • Limit the size of output Pst files. You can do that by simply entering the required size limit in the box. The tool will not make any Pst files bigger than that. If required, it will create new files as needed with the same restriction on their size.
  • The tool works directly in Mac and you can auto-load the Mac Mail database without having to need any Mbox files. The “Mail” folder in your Mac is called the identity folder, containing everything such as mails, attachments, and all data. This is the folder that “Mail Extractor Pro” targets.
  • Extremely easy to use. Much of the efforts have gone in making the job as easy as possible. The system where it loads the data directly also makes the tool intuitive, but more than that, the design of the entire interface is quiet impressive.

mac mail to outlook

Import mac mail to outlook

Import mac mail to outlook 365

mac mail to outlook 365

Download the free trial version of “Mail Extractor Pro” now and import Mac Mail to Outlook 365 Windows effortlessly.

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