Export Apple Mail to PST to Move Data to Outlook – Here’s How the Process Looks Like!

Export Apple Mail to PST if you want to move your emails to Windows Outlook, because no data file in Apple Mail is compatible with the Outlook. The benefit of PST is that you can also use it to import to Outlook for Mac.

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Export Apple Mail to PST for Outlook (Mac & Windows)

Apple Mail is a great email client for Mac users with almost any feature for your every emailing needs. But it doesn’t have any in-built feature to export Apple Mail to PST files, the native file used with Outlook Windows.

If you are moving to Windows or Mac Outlook, you cannot directly transfer all your data using the import/export tools or even any data files. There are manual methods that can offer some help if you have one or two folders to migrate, but anything more than that can make the process very daunting and not practical.

The way that most users undertake this daunting task is by converting the files from Apple Mail to PST files. PST is a file meaning Personal Storage table and you can use it to import data to both Windows and Mac version of the Outlook. But the tools that help you do that are built poorly without any stable framework of algorithms. But also, there are countless problems with dealing with the data files directly.

Apple Mail uses MBOX and EMLX files mainly to store emails. There are other files too (like EMLXPART for attachments) that are inside the database of Apple Mail. Most tools require you to find these files and load them up for conversion to PST. Such approach can take very long and likely results in partial data migration. Not to mention, it can be exhaustive for basic users to deal with all of the steps manually.

Here we will be talking about one of the finest tools for this data migration task that doesn’t involve any such unnecessarily cumbersome and ineffective approach.

Best Way to Export Apple Mail to PST

The tool is called “Mail Extractor Pro” and is built and published by USL Software. USL Software has many other similar tools under its belt that has been quite popular among home users and even large organizations because they help them migrate their data successfully. “Mail Extractor Pro” has the same traits that has made all their tools one of the best in this domain.

export apple mail to pst

The first and most important aspect of “Mail Extractor Pro” is that you can avoid dealing with the files like MBOX or EMLX yourself. Just select ‘Autoload’ and it will directly target the source of your Apple Mail data, which is the “Mail” folder inside your user’s library. This not only takes away much of the stress involved in EMLX or MBOX to PST conversion, but also results in higher precision for output data.

export apple mail to pst for mac outlook

Mail Extractor Pro” has specially designated logic to handle information like Unicode characters, MIME headers, Email Attachments, and more. Moreover, one of the best reasons to use it is that it keeps the folders hierarchy preserved since it takes the whole database into consideration and not individual files.

In short, it keeps the entire structure same after the conversion.

export apple mail to pst for windows outlook

Try it to Export Apple Mail to PST

The tool is available for free for you to try it out. It converts ten items from each folder inside the Apple Mail but places no other restrictions on the features, and there are plenty of them that are best understood while using the tool in action.

Download Pagehttps://www.mailextractorpro.com/download-now/

If you have questions, get in touch with the support staff. They are available 24 x 7 and are quick to help you out wherever you face any problem.

To export Apple Mail to PST for Mac & Windows Outlook, get ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘.

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