Convert Thunderbird to Outlook PST– Use “Mail Extractor Pro” for the Best Results!

Convert Thunderbird to Outlook PST - Mail Extractor Pro. It will bring to you the most seamless approach to export your data from Thunderbird to Outlook.

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Convert Thunderbird to Outlook PST

Convert Thunderbird to Outlook PST format is super easy with Mail Extractor Pro. It can also convert Apple Mail, Postbox & MBOX files to PST file format.

It can convert Thunderbird to Outlook PST in 2 Ways:

  • Auto Load: By using Auto Load, It will auto detect the Mail Database and convert Thunderbird to Outlook.
  • Open: If you have Thunderbird profile folder copied from another computer / backup location.
Convert Thunderbird to Outlook

To convert Thunderbird to Outlook, click on Thunderbird/Postbox: “Load”.

convert thunderbird to outlook pst

Click on “Auto Load” or If you have Thunderbird Profile Folder copied (Backup), then click on “Open”.

Convert Thunderbird to Outlook PST using ‘Mail Extractor Pro’

Thunderbird is a truly versatile email client with many features and support for many formats. It’s also free, open-source, and cross-platform. It is not a surprise then why Thunderbird has one of the biggest user base in any platform. It is also constantly being upgraded and improved by the large community. Thousands of plugins allow the users to expand the functionality to the limit they desire.

This makes the fact that it still cannot archive data to PST files a bit disappointing, though not surprising. PST is a proprietary file format by Microsoft for its own email client, Outlook in Windows. PST can also be used in Mac Outlook for importing data.

Therefore, Thunderbird users often face trouble exporting their emails into Outlook client. Converting Thunderbird  to Outlook PST files is the only remaining option to them. That too is a skeptic way to convert data due to the influx of very poor and inefficient MBOX to PST converter recently.

These converters don’t have what it takes to extract the email data from archived files like MBOX. And the second stage – implementing that extract contents into PST files – is even harder and more complex. The end result is an uneven output PST files, in which everything is fragmented and looks fuzzy.

It’s often noticed that ordinary tools fail to preserve folder hierarchy, email attachments, and graphical objects from emails. There are even more defects that are small but nevertheless can cause a lot of pain in future. For instance, most of these tools do not protect the read/unread status of emails. Also, very few of them can convert non-English text without any damage.

Needless to say, the job of converting Thunderbird to Outlook PST is filled with disappointments, anger, and anxiety.

Well…not anymore!

USL Software is known for their eccentric and unorthodox email migration tools that have always produced far more than satisfactory results. If you want the perfect data export experience, USL Software is the company to turn to. They have helped home users, companies, and large enterprises convert millions of emails worldwide.

Thunderbird to outlook

Now…they are offering a tool for Mac called “Mail Extractor Pro,” that will surprise you.

  1. First, it is a Mac based Thunderbird to Outlook converter. Most of the traditional tools are for Windows, which brings a lot of complications in its own.
  2. Second, it is not just an MBOX to Outlook converter, but a complete package for full email migration solution. Whatever you need to make this a successful project, the tool provides that.
  3. Third, it is the only tool that delivers 100% precision while protecting your data integrity. It leaves nothing and converts every single unit of data, thanks to its radical algorithms that are deep, in-depth, and multi-phase.
  4. It also fully supports non-English text, including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. This was made possible by the excellent programming algorithms that link Unicode text (UTF-8, DBCS, etc.) into conversion engine.
  5. Now you can also convert Thunderbird to Outlook PST using “Auto Load”. No need to export Data from Thunderbird, it will automatically pick the Thunderbird Mail Database.
  6. Forget the old dark days of converting each single file separately. This batch conversion makes it the most powerful tool. And USL Software made enormous progress in keeping the other facets of the performance unharmed by the ability to convert in bulk. It remains stable, fast, and delivers utmost precise results no matter how many and how big MBOX files you convert into Outlook.

How to convert Thunderbird to Outlook

USL Software made this tool in such a way that a home user can use it very easily for the small-scale migration projects. And yet, it also remains the perfectly capable utility for large-scale migration projects, suiting advanced IT experts.

Not yet sure if it will work for you?

No worries. It’s a good thing that there is a free trial mode that you can use right now and see everything from up close. It has no limitations to the features that you can use, not even to the time that you can use them until they are blocked. But it will only work for 10 items per folder, more than enough to give you the perfect opportunity to make up your mind by evaluating its performance fully. This is perfect tool to convert Thunderbird to Outlook. You can convert both Mac & Windows Thunderbird to Outlook.

Download the setup file here –

converting thunderbird to outlook

To convert Thunderbird to Outlook PST, download & evaluate ‘Mail Extractor Pro’.

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