Thunderbird to Outlook Converter for Mac

Thunderbird to Outlook Converter for those who have no experience of email migration and for those who do, because this converter is both advanced and yet easy to use. The perfect solution for an otherwise complex task.

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The Only Thunderbird to Outlook Converter for Mac That Works Perfectly for All Kinds of Users.

Thunderbird to Outlook Converter

Thunderbird to Outlook converter is a tool that can convert the data from Thunderbird into format that can be imported to Outlook. However, if you are a relatively experienced tech user who knows a thing or two about email migration, you can do it manually. But should you?

Whether or not you have any clues about manual methods of email migration, it’s always best to employ a professional application to migrate data. Even though there are ways to transfer your emails and other items across email clients, you will only end up losing your precious time and even data integrity no matter how careful you were.

There are not many professional and carefully developed third-party tools. The ones that are can be incredibly hard to use by basic users and they might still be rigid and non-friendly for more advanced conversion projects.

Thunderbird to Outlook Converter for Mac

But today that’s about to change. USL Software, one of the only few companies in this field for many years now, has developed a tool called “Mail Extractor Pro” that is the best converter for all Mac based email clients to Outlook. It converts data into PST files, where PST is a native data file used by Windows Outlook and can also be used to import data in Mac Outlook.

Thunderbird to Outlook Converter for Mac

Few features that make “Mail Extractor Pro” the best is:

  • It’s incredibly user-friendly and intuitive UI allows anyone to convert Thunderbird to Outlook PST without having to know anything technically about email migration. Just follow the simple graphical wizard and you will be god.
  • The data accuracy is top notch. The advanced algorithms ensure everything is detected and cleanly converted without facing any obstacles. There will be integrity errors, discontinuities, or missing elements. Some of the complex information that it converts without problems where other tools often fail are: Unicode text (non-English languages), folder hierarchy, metadata, images, headers, MIME defined content, and attachments.
  • The tool allows you to split large PST files by making you set the maximum size limit for them. When during conversion that limit is reached, it creates additional files. This is because you can easily import them to Outlook as large files have shown to be problematic.
  • Fast Conversion: Many tools take a lot of time to convert these files. Not so much the problem with “Mail Extractor Pro.” It has an ultra-fast framework to extract information no matter how complex the database. Under generic circumstances it can convert with as fast a speed as 1 GB per 10 minutes or even lesser, which his almost double the speed of other ordinary tools.
  • It’s a complete utility for converting database from all Mac based email clients, not just Thunderbird. It can convert data from Apple Mail (Main identity/profile and archives), Postbox, Entourage (MBOX files), MBOX, and EML Files.
  • Allows for manual control over which folders to convert and which to ignore.

And finally, the support of USL Software is excellent. You can expect any of your questions to be answered instantly or get any help during conversion if you face nay. The support is built of experts on email migration and are helpful to get you to where you want flawlessly.

Thunderbird to Outlook Converter

Get this Thunderbird to Outlook Converter

Try it. You don’t have to buy the full license just yet if you are not feeling particularly sure of. Get the trial edition that lets  you convert ten items per folder and see it for yourself.

thunderbird to outlook

If you are looking for Thunderbird to Outlook Converter for Mac, the click here to download ‘Mail Extractor Pro’.

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