Convert OLM to MBOX Correctly, Even if You Have No Technical Knowledge or Experience of Email Migration Before!

Convert OLM to MBOX without making any integrity mistakes, like damaged graphical data, modified folder structure, and others. Try this Mac utility to convert data accurately!

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OLM to MBOX conversion can be hard for everyone involved in a workplace environment. But it’s especially a job that could make a basic user at home insane. Both OLM and MBOX files work on different email clients (Mac Outlook and Mac Mail) respectively and converting the data into different formats can take a toll on you.

Today, we are bringing an excellent solution that will get the job done seamlessly.

How to Convert OLM to MBOX?

But before that, let’s talk about the job itself and what does it mean to convert OLM to MBOX.

OLM and MBOX are data files.

MBOX is associated with Mac Mail natively, but today, it is more of a generic file format used by many programs. In fact, Mac Mail doesn’t even store data in standard MBOX files but rather in EMLX files. It can import MBOX seamlessly though, and if you drag the folders into Mac desktop, it will turn them into standard MBOX files. MBOX can also be imported to Thunderbird and many other email clients.

OLM, on the other hand, is a file natively associated with Mac Outlook and is not importable in any other email clients. It’s a proprietary file format to store your emails, contacts, and other items in Mac Outlook. You can use it for exporting, archiving, backing up, and importing data inside Mac Outlook only.

The OLM to MBOX Converter

So, where does OLM to MBOX come in? It’s when you have to move Mac Outlook data into Mac Mail or Thunderbird or other clients. By converting the Outlook OLM files into MBOX and then importing MBOX into Mac Mail, you successfully migrate. There are other methods too, but they are not as common and efficient as OLM to MBOX conversion.

You can, for instance, sync data from OLM to the servers of any email account up to the size allowed in the email servers (for instance Gmail allows 15GB). Add that email account to Mac Mail and now sync the data from the servers into the local folder in Mac Mail.

But method like above, and all others like it, are incredibly slow and impractical for anything above 5GB. It’s also never fully comprehensive, leading to the loss or missing details at many places.

olm to mbox

OLM to MBOX Conversion Tool By USL Software

So, the OLM to MBOX conversion is what remains as an option. And it’s a good way to migrate Outlook data into ‘Mail,’ but it all depends on which converter are you going to be using. There are many out there with decent to less decent algorithms that do not fully extract all the contents accurately. Not to mention other generic areas of any software program, like bug-free framework, interface, support, speed, etc.

And all of that leads us to “OLM Extractor Pro” now.

convert olm to mbox

It’s a perfectly calibrated email migration utility from USL Software that does not offer the same challenges and problems faced by many users when using other typical converters. “OLM Extractor Pro” was built in mind keeping the complexity of email files these days and how extraction can lead to data integrity. The result is a systematized set of algorithms that put the data from OLM to new MBOX files without loss.

olm to mbox converter

Convert OLM to MBOX without any data loss

“Without loss” is a bold claim in the world of email migration utilities. If you have any experience about jobs such as OLM to MBOX conversion, you’ll know that often users have their images, attachments, metadata, folders, and other components either missing or not converted with details preserved. “OLM Extractor Pro” rose above that limitation by some advanced dedicated logic for each of these components separately.

The inner framework of the tool allows it to scan the database of OLM files with utmost precision, then extracting all of the data into MBOX files comprehensively.

olm to mbox conversion

It even supports the non-English text conversion, which has always been a huge concern for everyone involved in email migration jobs. Languages such as Chinese and its variants (Japanese, Korean, etc.) have complex encoded characters (double-bytes) that can get tricky for an email migration software to fully convert. But by employing all Unicode standards, USL Software has managed to pull it off without trade-offs or compromises. If you have any email that’s not in English or any other non-English item, you don’t have to worry at all about missing them from the output MBOX files.

The MBOX files that get converted are compatible with Mac Mail, Thunderbird, and essentially everywhere else that supports the format.

And finally, the interface puts everything together and delivers a seamless experience, even to the users who have no knowledge or experience of email migration jobs.

OLM to MBOX conversion is often filled with terrible manual inputs/steps that elongates the task at hand and makes it further difficult. But with “OLM Extractor Pro,” you get a simple and automated software program that has a user-friendly UI and a wizard that you can follow using simple instructions.

It’s just a few clicks literally and you will be done with an otherwise demanding and exhausting task.

Get OLM Extractor Pro to convert OLM to MBOX

If you are interested, you can give its trial version a shot. There’s nothing to lose here. USL Software offers users a chance to check it out in detail by running the tool in a trial mode. This doesn’t restrict you from checking it out any feature, except it converts only ten items per folder, which is enough for the evaluation needs.

Lastly, the 24×7 tech support fills any need of assistance, if you may require so. Although considering the tool’s easy interface and bug-free conversion, you can do it on your own without any help. But with queries or any unseen complications, the support is always there to take you home.

Download the trial setup below, install it, and you can get started in less than two minutes.

Get you free copy here:

how to convert olm to mbox

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