Share Your Mac Mail Emails and Other Data with a Windows Outlook!

Share Mac Mail Emails with Windows Outlook, other than merely forwarding them. If you have a large set of emails and other form of email data, there’s a more efficient way of sharing them.

Share Mac Mail Emails with Windows Outlook

Ever needed to share a large chunk of your data (emails, contacts, calendar data, attachments, and more) with another? Well, it can be a problem if you use Mac Mail and the others use Windows Outlook.

It doesn’t happen often that you need to share many emails with someone. Emails by nature are private. But often in a business environment, there comes a situation where two more people need access to the same emails or the attachments or clients’ contact details or any other item.

Moreover, both the Mac Mail and Windows Outlook may be using by you. Maybe you have Mac Mail on your Work computer and Outlook on your home PC. Or you are switching to Windows PC altogether. Or that you need some of your data on Windows PC.

Whatever the case, sharing Mac Mail data to Windows Outlook can be a cause of trouble.

So, How to Share Mac Mail Emails with Windows Outlook

The first and the most obvious answer seems to be forwarding those emails to an email account you or the user uses in Windows Outlook. And sure, if it’s just a few emails, that can be done.

But in case of many emails and other items, forwarding them one by one can be impractical.

Sharing a file doesn’t work as both clients have different files that they use. Outlook uses PST and OST, Mac Mail uses MBOX and EMLX. You cannot copy, move, import/export them as you can do when there’s a commonly shared data file across programs.

Manual Method

There are other ways to make it happen but they can go on for very long. Such as, first archive data to MBOX file, import it in Eudora (another Mac email client), export from Eudora to Outlook Express, and then finally to Windows Outlook. This is a very lengthy way to work around the incompatibility of data files. And you are never sure if by the end of the journey, you are going to all the required data accurately shared or migrated.

So, what are other effective ways you can go about doing this?

The best answer to this is by converting Mac Mail directly to PST files. However, it’s not possible straight from the Mac Mail as there’s no such option. You can only archive your emails to MBOX files.

This is where “Mail Extractor Pro” makes it a surprisingly easy task, given how complicated the above methods actually are.

Share Mac Mail Emails with Windows Outlook

Convert Your Mac Mail Data

So, forget email forwarding, using other intermediary clients like Eudora, or similar outdated methods of data migration. You can use “Mail Extractor Pro” and convert anything you want straight to PST files in MacOS itself. No hassle, no fiddling with any files, nothing of that sort.

The tool makes it even simpler by allowing you to auto-load the primary profile database (named ‘Mail’). You can also choose any backup of “Mail” folder or any Apple Mail export folder for conversion.

Convert into PST for Sharing Mac Mail emails to Windows Outlook

  1. Open Mail Extractor Pro.
  2. Load your Mac Mail Data into it.
  3. Then check what folders you want to convert to PST. The preview and selection options are simple enough to quickly choose what you want to convert. Un-tick the boxes next to folders that are not needed.
  4. Finally click “convert” and let the tool work its magic and get everything archived into clean and accurate PST files.

Share Mac Mail Emails to Windows Outlook

Import PST to Windows Outlook

Share the output PST to the Windows Outlook, or if you were doing it because you wanted to migrate to Windows Outlook, move the PST file to Windows PC and import it into Outlook (File → Import/Export → Import from another program or file → Outlook Data File (.pst)).

You can be assured that every little piece of information no matter how small or large gets processed with safety and precision. Including Unicode text, headers, all the metadata, graphical contents, and more.

share mac mail to windows outlook

Try it today

Check out the demo here. This is a free version that gives you a peek at its features and UI. You can anytime opt for the full version by getting one of the several licenses USL Software offers (Home, Small Company, Enterprise).

So to import or share Mac Mail Emails with Windows Outlook, try ‘Mail Extractor Pro’.

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