Redesigning Apple Mail Migration to PST– finally offering simplicity and complicity

If there is one thing more frustrating than being stuck in traffic on a hot humid day, is trying to convert Apple Mail to Outlook PST. Both situations demand staying calm and thinking rationally, and taking help, or else you could get dizzy.

Apple mail to Outlook PST has always been a crazy task, full of unexpected errors and shocking twists and turns. Some of the common ones are accidental file deletion, data inaccuracy, instability of the migration tool, compatibility issues with the OS, and several others.

You, too, have struggled to migrate your data from Apple mail to Outlook PST, evidently because you are on this page. You have found some ways, but considering the inefficiencies of those ways, you looked for another professional, simple, and accurate method for migration.
Congratulations, you have come to the right place.

With “Mail Extractor Pro”, you would get completely redesigned system that would resolve all issues and setbacks formerly present in Apple mail to PST conversion.

With the interactive interface, a carefully built conversion wizard, regular updates, collaboration with the most effective technology, and a responsive support team, you would be getting both simplicity and complicity in one tool.

Here are the 3 most wanted features craved by users and how “Mail Extractor Pro” delivers them-


With the intense market research, then careful execution of designing the interface according to the research, the developers have succeeded in making a very simple wizard, which systematically guides towards the effortless conversion of your emails and other items.

Everything flows smoothly. Instructions are clear. Options and features are structured neatly.


The most stress is caused by the risk of data loss. Even with the highly sophisticated back up software and cloud technology, users are not that aware towards data safety or backup. Even if they take some precautionary actions, data is still open to being vulnerable.

And, converting Apple mail to Outlook PST poses some serious threat to the original files (if there is no proper backup).

“Mail Extractor Pro” is programmed with an algorithm that safely and lightly interacts with the files. It has essentially all the safety nooks in a developer’s book.


A cousin of data loss is data inaccuracy. Data Loss is the loss of entire files, whereas, data inaccuracy is loss of certain data fragments or attributes which makes the final converted data dissimilar to the original source.

apple mail to outlook pstData extraction from a different email client that is Apple mail and accurately implanting the same data consistent with the Outlook in Windows is a fiddly task.

Thus, you and a lot others have the concern of losing data attributes or some critical information associated with emails while converting Apple mail to Outlook PST.

Do not worry anymore. “Mail Extractor Pro” has the necessary structure and the framework at its core that can precisely extract and convert data from Apple mail to PST, without any data leak or corruption. It works on a very minute scale, is able to detect the tiniest of data, recover it fully, and convert the overall data to PST files, thoroughly and exhaustively.


Click here to download now.

Enjoy the benefits of free trial version now. You could convert 10 files from Apple mail to Outlook PST without restricting any other feature.

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