Import Mac Mail to Outlook 2015 / 2016 With a Substantial Increase in Accuracy

If you ask people on internet about ways to import Mac Mail to Outlook 2015 / Outlook 2016, most of them would suggest you these two methods – use a dummy IMAP account and sync the data to that account, and use an Mbox to Pst converter.

Well, the first method of manually moving the data using an IMAP account has already been wiped out as an effective way for email migration for anything more than few folders. If you have even a normal database as compared to some few handful of folders, you’d be doing yourself a big disservice by trying to convert them to Outlook 2016 manually.

Second method is the most popular, and also one of the most effective – using an Mbox file to Pst converter from a third party source. This software would require you to first archive your emails to an Mbox file and then load that file to the tool, which will proceed to convert it to a Pst file. It’s a simple and straightforward approach, and assuming you used a software of professional quality, you’d be fine.

And that’s when the suggestion to import Mac Mail to Outlook 2015/2016 ends. And most of the users find themselves satisfied by using a third party Mbox file converter (assuming they weren’t conned by truly appalling pieces of software solutions, which happens quiet often).

That’s where USL Software, a well-known provider of notable software support in various kinds of categories, enters!

USL Software’s unique software called “Mail Extractor Pro” allows users to load their Mbox files, and it converts them to Pst – traditional style. It’s user interface, other functionalities and features, and the customer support makes it a complete professional kit to import Mac Mail to Outlook 2015/2016 the smart way. However, it has a second option to load your emails (other than loading Mbox), and that makes it an exclusive software title for email migration.

Mail Extractor Pro helps you to import Mac Mail to Outlook 2015 / 2016 for Mac and Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 & Office 365.

import mac mail to outlook 2016

When you launch “Mail Extractor Pro”, you will notice there is a button that says “Load”. Most tools would ask you to load Mbox files on clicking this button. When you click on this tool, you’d be presented with two options –

  • Manual load Mbox files
  • Auto-load

Auto-load Mac Mail Database

By choosing “Auto-load”, you’d instruct the tool to go scan your computer, look for the Mac Mail database, and load up the emails directly from the identity folder. That’s true! No Mbox files, no hassle of data archiving. Just plain, simple, direct approach.

import mac mail to outlook 2015

What this direct auto-load feature achieves –

  • Eliminates the step to archive your data to Mbox files
  • Becomes truly crucial if you have corrupted Mbox files
  • Makes a substantial difference in accuracy of conversion, since the step of archiving data to Mbox files sometimes results in integrity loss.
  • Easier and quicker for end-users.

Besides this exclusivity, the tool helps the users to facilitate the process as much as possible. There is a full preview of the folders inside the selected database. Users can manually choose folders for conversion. They can set the maximum size limit for converted Pst file, so they don’t become too big and start giving problems while importing to Windows Outlook.

If you are wondering to import your emails, contacts, and calendar entries from Mac Mail to Outlook 2015/2016 (or even the legacy versions of Windows Outlook), you couldn’t find a better approach than this. The free trial version is available here.

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To import mac mail to Outlook 2015 / Outlook 2016, try Mail Extractor Pro.

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