Best Mbox to Pst Converter for Mac – Ease-of-Use and Preserves Data Integrity

Want the best Mbox to Pst converter for Mac that is simple to use and can deliver complete conversion results preserving data integrity? You are at a right place.

Mbox to Pst converter for Mac are simply what it implies; they convert Mbox files to Pst file format. If you are looking for the best converter, you are at a right place.

Mbox and Pst format is where Apple Mail and Windows Outlook store data respectively. Their conversion is tricky because of the different OS the both formats belong to – Mac and Windows. So the structure of data inside them are very different and it takes a really professional software to extract the contents cleanly.

However, Outlook 2016 has recently launched the update where you can also import Pst files into it. So it is not only supported windows versions, but also Mac Outlook 2016 version.

Anyway, here’s something that will kill your worries about Mbox to Pst converter for Mac – “Mail Extractor Pro”.

“Mail Extractor Pro”

It is a professional software designed specially for one and only one task – converting Mbox files into Pst format. It has a highly focused and dedicated functionality to make this Mbox to Pst conversion accurate and clean. Unlike most converters out there stuff too much inside them, which only makes them sloppy.

Direct auto-load, instead of Mbox files

Another distinctive feature of “Mail Extractor Pro” is its ability to auto-load “Mail” folder from your computer where Apple Mail stores the emails. This option is definitely better in all aspects if you have Apple Mail installed in the same computer where you are going to use this tool. Otherwise, you have to export your emails to Mbox file, then copy that file to the Mac where “Mail Extractor pro” is installed, and then manually load the file into the tool.

Why is it for you?

As stated above, one of the its best feature is that it auto-loads “Mail” folder. But it has few other features that make it the best Mbox to Pst Converter for Mac for the basic computer users like you.

  • Simplicity – Of course, its GUI is designed in a way that even the most amateur computer user can also use it.

  • Quick – It offers very fast conversion speed, which makes a big difference if your database is big, with thousand of emails. Most other tools will take almost double or triple time than “Mail Extractor Pro”. So basically, this tool can convert 1 GB of Mbox file within almost 10 minutes, where other tool will take half an hour for the same file to convert to Pst.
  • Full conversion report – If you want to analyze the whole conversion, there is a report in the end where you can see the files converted and the path of the conversion.
  • Select folders – instead of just converting the whole Mbox file to Pst or the whole “Mail” database, it allows you to choose the folders that you want to convert. It is a priceless little feature that makes a huge difference when there are only selected email folders that you want to move to Windows Outlook.

Want to see it into action?

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Get free trial of MBOX to PST Converter for Mac

mbox to pst converter for mac

Simply click here and download it within 30 seconds. This free trial download works for 10 items inside each folder of Mbox file (or inside “Mail” folder). If you are satisfied, order the full version and never worry about your email migration from Apple Mail. It is definitely one of the best Mbox to Pst converter for Mac out there.

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