Import EMLX to Outlook for Mac and Windows

Import EMLX to Outlook easily. In this article, we will discuss the basics of email migration relating to EMLX files, the problem associated, and the ultimate solution using you can avoid all those problems.

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Import EMLX to Outlook – The Basics, The Problems, And the Ultimate Solution.

Import EMLX to Outlook (both Mac and Windows)

Looking to import EMLX to Outlook? This article will take you through everything you want to know about this process of email migration.

What is EMLX file, what is Outlook, why convert the file in the first place, all other basics, what problems you can face during this process, and if there’s any perfection solution that can make this job effortless and make you avoid the usual problems.

About EMLX Files and Outlook?

Let’s first start off with learning a little bit about the EMLX files themselves and about the Outlook email client.

EMLX: EMLX is a data file used by Mac Mail to store email messages in a plain concatenated form. It’s basically a text file in Unix format employed by Apple for its Mail client and is only compatible with Mail itself. It’s not a data file that one can use manually to export data or manipulate data in any way. That means, it’s an internal file that Mac Mail interacts with whenever you make change to data using the interface of Mac Mail.

In earlier versions, Mac Mail used MBOX file to store your mailboxes. But later, it was changed to EMLX format, primarily to make index searching quicker.

The attachments are saved in other files called EMLXPART.

Outlook: Outlook is a very popular email client by Microsoft Corporation, the same comes with Microsoft Office Package. Outlook’s biggest appeal is that it offers advanced features for managing email data. It’s also cross-platform (works in Windows and Mac as well). Plenty of add-ons and plugins have maintained its popularity among users for many years now.

Why Convert or Import EMLX to Outlook?

Most likely, since you are reading this post already, you have a reason of converting or importing EMLX to Outlook. The obvious answer is that you want all your data in Mac Mail to be moved to Outlook. And since Mac Mail uses EMLX files, it makes sense to import EMLX to Outlook.

But sadly, as said above, EMLX file isn’t supported for migration or such activities, at least, it’s not designed for them. You cannot import EMLX into Outlook the same you can with PST file.

Therefore, most users convert EMLX files to Outlook recognizable files through a third-party converter. In fact, importing is often assumed to be meant as converting. And by converting the format accordingly, one can go past the incompatibility issue and somehow succeed in transfering the emails and other contents.

Problems Associated With Importing EMLX to Outlook!

As said above, EMLX isn’t designed for conversion or migration. It’s an internal file that works automatically through Mac Mail interface. It’s not for manual data manipulation activities. And that’s why any third party EMLX to Outlook converter has to undergo unnecessary and countless challenges to pull off the conversion correctly. This creates plenty of problems for users down the road.

Let’s take a look at the problems associated with EMLX to Outlook migration tools and with the task itself:

  1. Most converters have to have sophisticated programming to extract the components cleanly, and if someone manages to do that, other areas are affected heavily and are ignored in most cases. The most important aspects is interface and it is impacted most negatively. It is too hard to find a good converter that has a simplistic interface that does not confuse and overwhelm users.
  2. Even with good enough interfaces, there remains dozens of manual steps that need to be taken by everyone to convert EMLX to Outlook. The most obvious is to find and load EMLX files from the native database of Mac Mail.
  3. EMLX to Outlook conversion is too time-consuming. Which can be the worst problem one can face, as the main objective behind every software ever created is to save time that otherwise would be lost if the task is done by hands. The third-party tools that import/convert EMLX to Outlook have sloppy algorithms that take painfully long to extract, convert, and implement data.
  4. There is often no support of any kind by the developers. Users are left on their own to figure out the intricate mazes of data conversion. Sometimes, an experienced user too faces quite a long time to figure out everything and ending up with correctly converted files is a huge accomplishment, if it is ever reached. For a non-experienced user, it is always the case of compromises and trade-offs.
  5. And ultimately, the final problem is incomplete conversion. After studying relentlessly the poor interfaces and spending the whole data on data migration, if someone manages to move data cleanly without data integrity loss, it may still be considered success. But sadly, the third-party converters used for importing EMLX to Outlook do a bad job at preserving all the details of the files. Users end up with data that is entirely different in structure from the original, all the metadata is lost, the folders don’t have the original hierarchy, images are broken, string of non-English text characters, and so on.

The Ultimate Solution for Importing EMLX to Outlook

Thankfully, the story doesn’t end with poor EMLX to Outlook converters.

As promised, we do have a perfect solution that can make you through this otherwise challenging process very easily and not suffer a single byte of data loss or compromise with data integrity.

However, there’s a bit of a surprise with this solution. It’s actually not EMLX to Outlook converter.

Then why is it relevant? Because it achieves the same result through direct conversion of Mail Mail database folder to Outlook files. Yes, there’s no more manual grinding of converting EMLX file to Outlook, and no more of countless hours wasting for inaccurate result.

The tool is called “Mail Extractor Pro,” and it is simply the best converter out there for this objective. What you do of instead loading EMLX file is that you click on “Auto-Load” and the tool will automatically pick up your profile directory and convert everything straight from there.

import emlx to outlook

It gives far better accuracy, makes the job simpler, quicker, and through the simple UI offered by the tool, it is also now possible for total non-experienced users to move Mac Mail data to Outlook.

Get it to Import EMLX to Outlook for Mac or Windows

Forget EMLX to Outlook conversion. It was ineffective, painful, and too time-consuming. Download “Mail Extractor Pro” trial version today and change the outdated mode of data conversion for good.

To import EMLX to Outlook, click here to download ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ free trial copy.

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