Convert EMLX to Outlook or A Better Alternative?

Trying to convert EMLX to Outlook? You will be surprised by how accurate and quick this solution can be for data migration. Find out what it is here.

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Convert EMLX to Outlook

EMLX is a data file associated with Apple Mail email client. In the first version of Mail, Apple Mail stored data in MBOX files. But from the second version, it started using EMLX to store messages. A single message is stored in a single EMLX file. The change was introduced to make spotlight searching a lot quicker.

NOTE* – EMLX file is not to be confused with the EML file, which is a native file format for Windows Live Mail, but is also used by many other email programs.

EMLX file is basically a text file, so it can be viewed by any simple text editors, like notepad++ or Windows text editor.

There’s also a variant of EMLX file called EMLXPART and is used as attachment files.

However, you cannot use EMLX files with Windows Outlook. You most certainly cannot import hundreds and thousands of EMLX files to Windows Outlook, if you want to migrate from Apple Mail to Windows Outlook.

Therefore, there are few third-party converters that help you convert EMLX to Outlook (PST file), where PST is a native file for Windows Outlook for storing data. These converters can either convert multiple EMLX files in a batch or one by one, but in most cases, they can be very inaccurate. Loss of data can be quite disastrous in case of email migration because you never know what part of the emails the converter missed or didn’t convert properly.

Therefore, to convert EMLX to Outlook PST is often not a way to data export that professionals use.

There’s another common approach and that is to archive Apple Mail data to standard MBOX files. This way, you don’t need EMLX file but you do need a decent MBOX to PST converter. Such tools work better than EMLX to Outlook PST converters but still aren’t perfect for a professional who needs to migrate work related emails. They also aren’t any good for a basic home users. Because no one loves damage to the data integrity. Seeing an image corrupted or an attachment can be a cause of panic.

What’s can you do?

Therefore, USL Software, one of the leading companies in email migration, has come up with something effective and easy. When they began with the idea of creating a utility to help users move Apple Mail emails to Windows Outlook, they were aware of the conventional solutions (MBOX and EMLX to PST conversion) and so of the pitfalls of those solutions. Therefore, they took a different road.

emlx to outlook

Solution to Convert EMLX to Outlook

The product in the end that came out is called “Mail Extractor Pro.” And the way it works is by directly converting Apple Mail database, called profile or identity. That is where everything is stored naturally by Apple Mail and by targeting that directory, you get exceptional precision over the data integrity. You can never see anything converted improperly or any item missing.

convert emlx to outlook

USL Software also worked its way to make it as easy to use as possible. Through a simple interface, you can start the Apple Mail to Outlook conversion right away. There are no manual steps to take: just the intuitive wizard and clear instructions, following which you can quickly transfer everything without facing data loss.

emlx to outlook converter

It is truly a professional way to migrate data. But it doesn’t mean the tool isn’t a perfect fit for home users. If you simply want to move your personal emails from Apple Mail to Windows Outlook, you will find “Mail Extractor Pro” to be the best choice. It offers advanced functionalities for large scale projects, but its natural GUI makes it the best possible tool you can get even if you are a beginner.

emlx to outlook conversion

Here are some of its other salient features:

  • Support conversion of character in any language, including such as, Chinese and Korean.
  • It keeps the folder hierarchy undamaged
  • You can split the large PST files into smaller files

Download to Convert EMLX to Outlook

You can try out the free demo version, if you want to know more.

Download the setup here:

converting emlx to outlook

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Try ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ to convert EMLX to Outlook.

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