Quickly Import Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 Without any Missing Data Items

Import Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 using a tool that’s built keeping the basic users’ needs and skillset in mind. It’s called “Mail Extractor Pro,” developed by USL Software.

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Convert / Import Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 using Mail Extractor Pro

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Outlook 2016 for Mac is a recently released email client by Microsoft and a successor to Outlook 2013. It offers plenty of new features, especially the features that facilitates online collaboration with other users within the same document. It is available as a part of Office Suite. Users can buy subscription for Office 365 packages that offers them the ability to use the Office apps in both Mac and Windows machines (up to 5 computers, depending on the subscription type).

Many users often change their entire operating system from Mac to Windows. The reasons can vary from some personal needs to the professional demands. If your work deals with heavy usage of emails, you would certainly be better with Windows Outlook than any other Mac email client. Not that Mac Mail or other clients in Mac are inefficient, but Windows Outlook is totally another beast when it comes managing information like emails, contacts, and calendar entries. It is best for professionals who receive and send hundreds or more emails every day.

And that brings us to the main topic of this post – how to move emails and import Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 without losing any data?

Import Apple Mail to Outlook 2016

This is not easy as it may sound to users who never migrated emails across two clients for two different platforms. Usually, you can do this by a file converter that can convert a data file with everything stored inside it from Apple Mail format to Windows format. Which means, converting Mbox to PST.

But these using these converters for a file conversion is not the best idea, although very common.

The better alternative is to use “Mail Extractor Pro.” The reasons we recommend this tool by USL more than any other email migration is not one by many. First off, this can convert MBOX to PST in the most accurate manner. Secondly, it has a very simple GUI that anyone can make sense of. And thirdly, it offers direct conversion from the ‘Mail’ identity folder instead of using any data file.

The third point above is why ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ has created an entirely different category of its own. You cannot go wrong by directly targeting the source of your original data. This approach eliminates essentially all problems that are faced in email migration. And no other tool can make this possible.

Apart from that, USL Software worked industriously to find the usual cracks in the migration process and fill it with their efficient programming skills and years of experience. You’d find functions that you think you may not need but is crucial for successful migration.

An email migration is a sophisticated process where a lots of things can go wrong. And USL Software is the only company that knows about these glitches. Using that knowledge, they succeeded in creating an email migration product that offers the seamless approach to data export.

Get your own free trial setup and start using the tool without any risk.

If satisfied, get the paid license for full conversion.

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To import Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 for mac, try Mail Extractor Pro today.

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