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Postbox to Outlook Converter

Postbox in Mac is a great email client, but offers no support for user trying to move their data into Outlook in Windows or Outlook in Mac. Outlook supports only PST files, which Postbox doesn’t support. So, you are usually stuck with manual techniques or ordinary tools that don’t really work they way you’d want them to work.

This situation has been solved by USL Software tool called “Mail Extractor Pro.” It is a Mac enabled application that has advanced data-processing algorithms that were missing from similar other tools.

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Here are the top features of “Mail Extractor Pro”:

  • It can auto-load your Postbox database. Ever wished for a tool that doesn’t required manual intervention that much? “Mail Extractor Pro” is that one! It has an impressive logic that enables it to look for your native Postbox database on your computer and lock it up for conversion. This way, you are spared of long, inefficient, and ultimately risky manual steps.
  • This also improves the data precision of converted files. Since you basically target the main source of emails, the chance of any missing items or partial migration is reduced significantly.
  • Having said that, the tool also allows you to manual load files or database in a traditional style (Postbox ‘Profile’ folder copied). But it is strongly recommended that you avoid it and instead click on “Auto-Load”.
  • Quick and Stable: No matter how large the database or how many files you are converted at the same time, the tool runs smoothly and steadily at a fast pace. This allows you to convert the data with a speed of 1Gb per 10 minutes or even faster. This is almost 200% quicker than the other leading Postbox to Outlook converters. The tool also doesn’t crash or freeze during any sort of database conversion.
  • It is also the only Postbox to Outlook converter that fully detects the text in non-English languages like Chinese and Korean. It doesn’t let those characters not encoded in ASCII standard go astray. This dedicated functioning is especially helpful for users from countries that don’t communicate in English, or with users that need to communicate with international clients.
  • The tool also is capable of fully mapping out the structure of folders in output files exactly similar to the original. If you haven’ used any other tool, you wouldn’t know but this is a major concern that those tools usually break the folder hierarchy, making it very difficult to manage the emails later on in Outlook.
  • Incredibly accurate conversion algorithms that take care of all metadata, minute data fragments, or any such small details like headers, email addresses, and so on. This is called perfectly safety for data integrity. The tool ensures the fidelity of your emails isn’t compromised.
  • Splits large PST files: If you have a large Postbox database to convert to Outlook, you should know that with ordinary tools you have a huge problem to deal with. They naturally give large output PST files which can be difficult to import to Outlook. However, “Mail Extractor Pro” provides a relief by allowing you to split them into smaller files automatically.
  • 24×7 Customer support: This is the last but not the least in any way, the impressive additional feature to the whole package. It adds that last solution to users who still find it difficult to convert Postbox to Outlook. You can contact them at any point and ask for their help, or to resolve any queries.

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Converting Postbox to Outlook

Try “Mail Extractor Pro” today. You can download the setup file here and use it in a free trial mode until you are satisfied.

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If you are looking for Postbox to Outlook Converter, then try it today.

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