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Why you should not choose a free Thunderbird to Outlook Converter? Email migration requires a meticulously built solution that doesn’t lose the fidelity of your data.

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Why You Should Not Choose a Free Thunderbird to Outlook Converter?

Email migration requires a sophisticated and meticulously built software solution that does not lose the fidelity of your data. It applies more than anything else to Thunderbird to Outlook data migration. Any converter that has to extract email information from clients like Thunderbird and has to convert it into another format is much required to not omit any element or partially convert files while losing the important details in them.

And a free Thunderbird to Outlook converter just doesn’t have that kind of power, algorithms, and inner framework to ensure error free conversion.

Free Thunderbird to Outlook Converter

Here are the problems you can face with a free Thunderbird to Outlook converter and why you should avoid them:

These converters do not have dedicated support to handle Unicode content.

Unicode content refers to the standard used for text characters in many languages, not just English or ASCII. It includes standards like UTF-8, UTF-16, and DBCS. Trickiest of all is to convert to Chinese text characters because they are encoded using double-byte (as opposed to single-byte in English language). And a free Thunderbird to Outlook converter faces quite a lot of problems in trying to convert Unicode text.

MIME enabled content gets broken or damaged

Even though every email now uses SMTP MIME standard, it can still get tricky for normal and free converters to extract. MIME defined content means header information in other languages, non-media attachments (like docs, application files, etc.), messages with multiple parts, and so on. To get that content safely exported from Thunderbird to Outlook is complex and generic converters don’t have fully dedicated support for it.

Unicode text are sophisticated form of characters that requires advanced processing

Emailing is the most common form of communication today, which makes it unlikely to have an email database that doesn’t at least some non-English text characters. Unicode is a standard universally accepted to encode characters in other languages than English, and some of the components (like UTF-8 and double-byte) can get in the way of accurate conversion, especially with inefficiently tools available for free.

Tedious manual conversion

Developing a front-end interface of any software application is harder than it sounds. It is not just about sticking buttons on the top that users can click on. Email migration tools find this aspect particularly challenging. Part of the reason is because ordinary solutions do not automate unnecessary manual steps and the abstraction layer is too rigid to eliminate unwarranted actions. Only a professionally developed converter offers a seamless and intuitive approach to email migration, that automates most of the actions of Thunderbird to Outlook conversion.

There are dozens of other problems that a free Thunderbird to Outlook converter lets you face. One other is lack of any expert support. If a converter is well-built, it is less likely that you would require a support of any kind, but in some cases, mostly associated with the unique database forms of users, you may come to require assistance. And then, not having any support system in place can be frustrating.

For that reason, most experienced users will ask you to pick up a professional converter, instead of going with the free one. It will be much better and even more economical in the long run, when you consider the value of your time, efforts, and data fidelity.

Alternative to free Thunderbird to Outlook Converter

One of the best in that category is “Mail Extractor Pro” from USL Software that is free of all the problems listed above and is backed up by 24×7 customer support. Claim your free trial copy here; it works for converting ten items from each Thunderbird folder, but places no other check on the main features that you may want to check out.

Free Thunderbird to Outlook Converter

Here is the reasons, why you should not go for a free Thunderbird to Outlook Converter.

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