Export Emails from Apple Mail to Outlook with Sufficient Data Precision!

Export Emails from Apple Mail to Outlook with sufficient data accuracy and through an intuitive interface of "Mail Extractor Pro." It's the only tool available today that can make this happen in a proper manner.

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Export Emails from Apple Mail to Outlook

Emails have long abandoned their original form, which was just plain text transmitted across networks. Today they are the most used communication method and not just for text but for files and other information too. This means they can get complex and which in turn makes it harder to migrate all their data.

Here we are discussing the idea of data migration over from Apple Mail to Outlook in Windows. If you want to export your emails from Apple Mail to Outlook, you must surely be concerned regarding not just the “email messages” but other items associated with them. For examples, the attachments, photos embedded inside the email bodies, email addresses in other languages, metadata and headers, MIME defined content, Unicode text, and so on.

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The passages below will tell you exactly how to do this otherwise tricky job correctly without any loss to data integrity.

Tool to Export Emails from Apple Mail to Outlook

The tool you need is called “Mail Extractor Pro“, developed by USL Software. It can extract the data from Apple Mail database directly (as opposed to using data files like EMLX or MBOX) and can implement it straight into PST files, which is what Windows Outlook use.

export emails from Apple Mail to Outlook

Note that it is not possible to import or export data across these two email clients directly without involving any conversion. Both email clients are for different operating systems and share no common data file that you can simply move. Thus, a third party tool is required to workaround the issue of file incompatibility.

Mail Extractor Pro” does this job fairly well. Where it totally shines is in the ability to extract and convert data cleanly. You will never find anything missing or not converted with all the details preserved.

Easy, But Powerful

Second most appreciated feature of “Mail Extractor Pro” is its interface. Regardless of how much you know about email migration technically, you can easily use it as well as any other expert. An intuitive wizard is built into the software to target beginners and non-experienced users.

But having said that, “Mail Extractor Pro” doesn’t fall short for advanced users in large scale data migration as well. If you want to export thousands of emails and folders from Apple Mail to Outlook in the office computers, you can still utilize the power of the tool efficiently. It supports batch conversion, generates brief and detailed conversion log, has plenty of options for control that many experts would want, and a dedicated support team available 24 x 7 to take your questions.

Also remember that it can convert many other formats to Outlook PST as well, Apple Mail is just one of the input format you can pick from. It can convert Thunderbird, Postbox, and even standard MBOX files to Outlook PST if you want.

Get it to Export Emails from Apple Mail to Outlook

Download the setup file, install, and get started with the free trial version to see how it works. You can register for the paid license (which is available in different packages) any time later, after you are satisfied with the features and performance.

Get it here: https://www.mailextractorpro.com/download-now/

To export emails from Apple Mail to Outlook (Mac or Windows), get ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ today.

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