Export Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac – The Professional Way to Deal With Email Migration!

Export Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac regardless that there are no data files common to the clients and neither client official supports importing or exporting the data internally to the other. We bring a professional tool to deal with this job in a clean and easy manner.

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Export Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac without worrying about the loss of details and metadata. Because the modern day email files contain more than just text. And processing all that information for data export can lead to damage to data integrity.

Export Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac

The tool we are talking about, “Mail Extractor Pro“, will help you export everything with sharp accuracy.

But before, let us know a little about the technical background of the process.

Apple Mail and Mac Outlook are both email clients for Mac OS X users. Both of them are great at offering productive ways to manage your emailing needs. Their advanced features with intuitive interface has made many home users and large corporations get better at handling large amount of emails and other data items.

The Challenges

But when it comes to users switching the email clients, with that comes the painful job of migrating data as well. Despite of both email clients very popular, there doesn’t exist any official support to import/export data. Nor are there any files you can move directly because there’s no common data file among both.

Apple Mail uses EMLX and MBOX (in two separate ways) to store data, while Mac Outlook has its own OLM format for that purpose. You cannot pick either EMLX or MBOX from Mac Mail and move it to Outlook Mac because it cannot read or detect any format other than MBOX. This is where users are forced to find other ways to export Apple mail to Outlook for Mac, and majority of those solutions are incredibly painful and slow.

Way to Export Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac

That’s where “Mail Extractor Pro” comes in and makes the job simpler and quicker. What it does is allow you to convert Mac Mail data to PST files, where PST is the format that Outlook can import. PST is natively a Windows Outlook file but can also be used with Mac Outlook.

So, what is it about “Mail Extractor Pro” that makes it different than any other solution or technique for exporting data.

export apple mail to outlook for mac

The first and foremost feature that the tool brings that makes the huge difference is the option to convert the Apple Mail database directly without you having to manually fiddle with any files. There’s an option to convert MBOX files to PST, but the quicker and more accurate method is to directly target the source of data, which is the “Mail” identity folder where every type of content is stored.

Coupled with that is the precise algorithms that “Mail Extractor Pro” processes the data with. You will find all your items and contents from “Mail” is converted to PST files while preserving the details and all the metadata. Some of the worth noting types of items that often are not converted correctly are folder hierarchy, images, attachments, headers, and Unicode text. All of which is not safe with “Mail Extractor Pro” and will be converted with accuracy.

convert apple mail to outlook for mac

Get it to Export Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac

You can try “Mail Extractor Pro” and check all of this yourself. There are many other features too (such as splitting large PST files, manually removing folders, ignoring empty folders, and so on) and the best way to check them all out is by using the demo mode offered by USL Software. The link to download the setup is given below.

Get it from the download pagehttps://www.mailextractorpro.com/download-now/.

apple mail to outlook for mac

Now export Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac is hassle free with ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘.

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