Convert PST to EML – The Favored Method by Experts to Move Outlook Folders to EML Supporting Clients!

Convert PST to EML to move your Outlook folders to either of the many EML supporting clients like Apple Mail or Outlook Express or Thunderbird. This file conversion task can be tainted with endless problems, but this tool will let you off the hook easily.

Worried about converting PST to EML? Do not be. Converting these files to move Outlook data to EML supporting clients is the best way for data export but the lack of professional tools can make it hard. Today, we bring an effective software application that doesn’t let you face any of the issues and provides a simple yet professional way to do it correctly.

What is PST?

‘Personal Storage Format,’ in short PST, is a format to store data, commonly used with Windows Outlook. The proprietary format by Microsoft allows users to store emails and other items to the files without worrying about storage capacity.

The other variant of PST is OST (Offline Storage Table), but for this article, we are not concerned with OST.

The problem with PST is that you can’t use it with any other email client than Outlook (also including Outlook for Mac). This makes it difficult to move or export the Outlook folders to other clients.

What is EML?

EML, on the other hand, was first associated with Windows Live Mail but since then has become a standard and generic file for email messages. You can archive your data to EML and then use that file with many other email clients.

The generic nature of EML files also make it a favorable format for backup purposes. For many users, backing up Outlook data to EML files can be more suitable than using PST, especially if it is work related data and you would want to share it with other users. EML allows anyone with clients like Outlook Express, Apple Mail, or Thunderbird to easily import data, something that PST can’t do.

How to Convert PST to EML?

Therefore, it becomes clear that the best method and favored by many experts is to convert PST to EML to move Outlook data to a program that doesn’t support PST.

But converting PST to EML is not always a linear process.

Firstly, because, the email clients themselves do not offer any solution to the problem. You cannot directly use Outlook internal pre-built features to export your data to EML; only PST is allowed. Secondly, the third-party converters make the data output full of integrity errors. Without the proper algorithms, you would commonly find many items missing from the converted EML files.

This can be damaging to many users, more so if you have sensitive work-related data, like clients’ information. The negative effect of data integrity loss is often not detected straightaway, making it even more intimidating. You would not want to check one of your folders months after conversion only to notice that the images are broken or than headers information is missing.

“PST Extractor Pro” – The Answer You’ve been Looking For!

This is why we recommend “PST Extractor Pro”, one of the only few PST to EML converters that take all complex database inside the files into account and deliver precise output that has no missing items. The adaptive processing of the tool allows it to handle all kinds of PST files and information inside them. It keeps your images, attachments, headers, metadata, nested emails, cloud-based links, Unicode text, and more similar contents secured.

pst to eml

PST Extractor Pro” also effective trims all other challenges and complications related to PST to EML conversion. Moreover, it allows converting PST to more formats other than just EML, such as Apple Mail directly, Thunderbird, Postbox, and even standard MBOX files.

Get it to Convert PST to EML

If you want to try it out, you can go ahead with the free version for now. It gives access to everything you want to try by only limiting the items to ten per folder during the conversion. It’s the best approach for checking out everything in detail without having to buy any full license immediately.

Get free trial at

convert pst to eml

Once you are confident that it does indeed convert PST to EML files easily, you can get the paid license, which is available in many forms for varying needs of individuals or corporations.

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