Convert MBOX to PST Free Tool For Precise Data Conversion!

Convert MBOX to PST Free tool. It will let you move your data from Gmail MBOX files into Windows Outlook through the PST format, compatible with all Outlook versions.

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Convert MBOX to PST

If you just downloaded your Google data in MBOX file, but you are a Windows or Mac Outlook user, you might be wondering how you can get that data imported into Outlook. Since Outlook doesn’t support MBOX or any other format than PST for that matter, you are out of luck with the MBOX files.

But there’s a workaround for this problem. You can convert MBOX to PST and then import PST into either Mac or Windows Outlook easily.

However, that “easily” part is not so common. Because of the major converters available online, you don’t get accurate results. Both MBOX and PST files are too dissimilar compared to each other that extracting information doesn’t end well most of the times. And the free tools for converting MBOX to PST are even worse.

Here are some of the common problems that you can face with those ordinary solutions:

  • They are hard to use since the developers haven’t put much thought into making the interface usable. Most of them have cluttered UIs that make the job harder than it should be.
  • But worst of all, those tools miss certain components and have information from the files, resulting in the loss of data integrity. You can often find missing images, headers, and other similar errors that can annoy almost everyone. But in workplace environment, those losses of data can be painful and detrimental.
  • They are also painfully slow to process data. And depending on the size of your database, it can be very impractical to use them since no one wants to employ countless hours to get the files converted.

Don’t worry, here’s the best tool to convert MBOX to PST.

Fortunately, you came here and now that you are here, I am going to reveal one of the best solutions that are available on the internet. It’s called “Mail Extractor Pro,” a Mac utility that has simplified the entire process considerably and eliminated all the problems and challenges most other traditional converters failed to.

convert mbox to pst

So, how does it work?

It’s quite simple actually. Here is a simple walkthrough on how to convert MBOX to PST using ‘Mail Extractor Pro.”

  1. You start by launching it (once you have installed the tool) and clicking on “Load” next to MBOX files option. Quick Note: you can add more than one MBOX file at one time.
  2. Next up, you will get an entire list of folders inside your selected MBOX files. Simply remove the folders that you don’t want to convert to PST.
  3. And click “Convert”

Yes, it’s that simple. Compare this approach with any other method that you might have seen online. It eliminates unnecessary manual steps, making the job a lot quicker.

And the best part is that ‘Mail Extractor Pro” is also the most accurate MBOX to PST converter that you can find. It converts images, folder hierarchy, attachments, meta data, headers, and everything else.

convert mbox to pst free

Download to Convert MBOX to PST

Click here to download the trial edition and get started.

To convert mbox to pst, try Mail Extractor Pro today.

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