Convert MBOX file to PST

Convert MBOX File to PST, wether from Google or from other sources. “Mail Extractor Pro” is the best utility for Mac users to convert any sized MBOX file into small, multiple PST files without issues.

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Convert MBOX file to PST – Conveniently Convert Large MBOX File to Multiple PST Files While Keeping Integrity Safety Integral.


MBOX is a pretty common data file used by many email clients and services. Most common source of MBOX file is Google.

Google has a takeout service that allows you to download all your data from all the Google services, like Gmail, Blogger, Contacts, and so on. You can click on and download an MBOX file that will contain all your data from their services (you can also pick what data you want to). Google will archive your contents on their servers and will notify you when finished, with a link to download the file.

However, there is a slight issue with the MBOX file. Namely, you can’t use it in Windows Outlook or Mac Outlook. That is often a big disappointment for those who weren’t aware of the limitation. You can use MBOX file in most other email clients, especially Mac based email clients.

So, if you are one of those users, don’t lose heart so quickly. There is a way to import data in MBOX files (whether from Google or from other services) into Outlook (Mac or Windows), even if the direct MBOX import isn’t possible.

Convert MBOX file to PST

The solution is simple. Windows Outlook uses PST files for personal data operations like import/export and backup. PST can also be used for importing data into Mac Outlook. Therefore, by converting MBOX file to PST, you can work around your problem of MBOX not being compatible with Outlook clients.

But that doesn’t solve your problem. Because, sadly, most MBOX file to PST converters are heavily limited in their features and functionality. The most prominent part that you need, which is missing in other tools, is the ability to deal with large MBOX files (and in bulk) and get them into PST in acceptable size. Even though both MBOX and PST file have the capacity to store large amounts of data, it is usually not a good idea to have large email related files because they are harder to handle and import.

How to Convert MBOX file to PST

Most users find themselves stuck almost in the end of this process when they find out that after archiving data from Google or other email clients into MBOX and then converting it to PST after spending a lot of hours, they can’t import PST into Outlook. It’s painful.

Secondly, a large portion of available solutions don’t get everything from MBOX files to PST. They can omit certain elements from output files, like metadata, headers, images, attachments, Unicode text, or nested emails. Most likely you don’t want that to happen. If your data in MBOX files is business-related, even the tiniest loss of data items can prove to be devastating. Many have reported partially converted graphs, charts, and other such vital information one wouldn’t want to lose.

These two major problems – not being able to convert large MBOX files in bulk into multiple small PST file and not being able to preserver the data integrity – has what made the process of converting MBOX file to PST a truly massive problem for both advanced users and basic users.

But now “Mail Extractor Pro” is here to help and you can’t turn it away from it because of how well it works with this otherwise daunting problem.

Convert MBOX file to PST

It can convert MBOX file to PST Easily

Mail Extractor Pro” has completely solve the problem of converting large MBOX files in bulk. It not only allows you to load as many MBOX files as you want amounting of any size, but also converts them to PST without any performance hit. If you have found any converter that supports batch conversion, you know that these converters only do so by compromising the stability, data precision, and other aspects of a professional data conversion.

Moving on to the second biggest issue relating to MBOX to PST conversion (data integrity loss), “Mail Extractor Pro” has an efficient way to deal with that too. Built by USL Software, the tool contains dedicated algorithms that target the complex information exclusively and ensures nothing is omitted during the process.

Remember the list of items listed above that are complex to convert? You don’t need to worry about them any longer. All your graphical components, hierarchy for folders, nested emails, Unicode text (non-English), attachments, non-media files, email addresses, MIME content, and anything else that is within the MBOX files will be converted accurately.

Inbuilt PST Splitter

Lastly, converting large MBOX files to PST in bulk may be supported by many, but what if you get the large PST files too? That can make them importing to Outlook very difficult. And if you have large files to convert, you are obviously going to large output. But here again, “Mail Extractor Pro” comes to the rescue. It has a simple option to set the maximum size for PST files you want. If during conversion, the limit is crossed, it will automatically create additional PST files. You get multiple PST files but all of them under the limit, making it easier to import the data later on.

Try it now to convert mbox file to pst

There is no other tool that even comes close to “Mail Extractor Pro” when it comes to convert MBOX to PST files with all the necessary control options that you want. You can get a free trial copy here to convert mbox file to pst.

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