Convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2019 – Complete Database Directly to PST!

Apple Mail to Outlook 2019, the latest email client version from Microsoft. It is pretty much the same, uses the same PST files, and has the same import format support for no other file than PST.

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Convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2019 for Mac & Windows

Want to find out the hassle-free, error-free, and quick approach to get all your mailbox folders from Apple Mail to Outlook 2019? Continue reading.

Outlook 2019 is the latest version of Microsoft’s popular email client Outlook. It is pretty much the same with few additions to its core functionality and a bit balanced UI. The part we are concerned with here is the data import feature.

Outlook 2019 supports importing data from other programs or files. The most common one is PST, for mails, contacts, and calendar data. It supports comma separate values, VCF (vCard files for contacts), ICS or VCS (iCalendar or vCalendar files), RSS Feeds (OPML file), and few more (like Lotus organizer and text files).

Convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2019

However, it doesn’t support mail data files from Apple Mail, which are in the form of EMLX or MBOX files. There are no options in Outlook to be import them. This is because it uses the proprietary file format called PST, short for Personal Storage Table.

That makes the data migration a bit easier. All you have to do is convert the EMLX or MBOX to PST, or Apple Mail database directly into PST.

But what comes in your way is faulty and negligent converter apps with overlooked features and no regard to users’ experience and lack thereof regarding email migration. It can get tough for even an experienced user to use these tools for data migration. The vast gap between MBOX and PST file or Apple Mail database and Windows Outlook database internally don’t make it any easier.

But what’s what “Mail Extractor Pro” effectively puts an end to.

Tool to convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2019

It is an excellent file converter that can convert MBOX files to PST. But it goes beyond that and lets you auto-load Apple Mail native database folder directly, removing even the need for files like MBOX or EMLX from Apple Mail.

convert apple mail to outlook 2019

To use “Mail Extractor Pro” for Apple Mail to Outlook 2019 PST files, all you have to do is click on “Load” and select your main or backup database folder for Apple Mail and then wait while the tool processes the data to PST files.

apple mail to outlook 2019

The accuracy, speed, ease of use, and the overall performance of the tool works great even for large databases. It doesn’t freeze or crash when handling with intricate data pieces no matter what. The UI built for beginners simplify an otherwise complex interaction with data so anyone can get the result, exactly what matters in the end.

There are additional options and features that come into action and adds an extra layer of control and precision that’s not possible otherwise. For instance, you can filter folders before conversion and make sure you only convert precisely what you want to and exclude the rest. You can control the size of PST files, making sure you don’ get over-sized files that can cause trouble later when importing them.

apple mail to outlook 2019 converter

Get it to convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2019

Get a trial version setup here and check it out. You will see how “Mail Extractor Pro” is not just a better tool for Apple Mail to Outlook 2019 data migration, but a vastly different one that turns around the process on its head, making it possible for all to migrate data like a professional.

And for exceptions and problems, the renowned support of USL Software is ready to help you out.

How to convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2019

  1. Get Mail Extractor Pro free Trial Version.
  2. Install and launch it.
  3. Click on “Apple:Load” button.
  4. Then click on “Auto Load” to automatically detect your Mac Mail database or click “Open” to browse Apple Mail “Mail” folder copied / Backup and Apple Mail Export file.
  5. Optional Settings: Select folders from preview panel you want to convert, Click on “Ignore Empty Folders” to ignore empty folders from conversion and set your output PST file size.
  6. Then click on “Convert“. It will ask location to save the output PST file and the conversion process will start.

In trial version of ‘Mail Extractor Pro’, it will convert only ten items per folders. Get full version and start converting your Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox and MBOX file (*.mbox) to Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 2011 for Mac and Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 2013 / 2010 for Windows.

To convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2019, get ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ today.

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