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‘Mail Extractor Pro’ is the only technically true OS X Mail to PST Converter. Convert OS X Mail to Outlook (PST) with zero hassle. Find out more here.

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Best OS X Mail to PST Converter – Do Not be Paranoid if You Have Mac Mail Data to Export!

The Best OS X Mail to PST Converter

OS X Mail is more commonly known as Apple Mail, an email client used in Mac computers. It comes by default and is free. PST, on the other hand, is a file format used by Windows Outlook, another popular client in Windows platform.

os x mail to pst converter

The reason why most people search for OS X Mail to PST converters is because the file OS X Mail uses (MBOX) is not compatible with Windows Outlook. The only sensible option is to convert MBOX files to PST. Therefore, most of these converters are basically simple file converters (MBOX to PST), and are not email migration applications, as usually advertised.

Email migration tools need to offer features and functionality that helps in exporting data across different email clients. Which is a task that is more complex than converting file extensions.

For that reason, USL Software’s ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ is the only TRUE email migration app developed for Mac users. It does not only convert MBOX to PST but also lends its functionality in many more ways.

The biggest of them all is the direct approach for data input. MBOX files are called input, and PST files are called output. Until now, to input data, you manually need to export data to MBOX files from OS X Mail and then load it into the converter. ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ offers that, but it also has a better alternative option for inputting data.

You can choose ‘Auto-load’ and the tool automatically loads data from Mail database folders.

This achieves three things, three very important aspects of email migration: –

  • Data accuracy
  • Speed
  • Ease of use

And it is easy to why these three factors are improved significantly by the direct approach. Accuracy is increased because the tool targets the source directly. No intermediary steps or files are required that can increase the chances of data corruption. Secondly, it also affects the data conversion speed and saves you time. And thirdly, it is extremely easy to get your data converted as compared to the traditional approach.

After the tool converts everything, all you need to do is import the PST files to Windows Outlook.

This is the simplest tool and approach to tackled this otherwise very challenging task. No other manual technique, or other ordinary file converters can do the same.

Here are few other points worth mentioning about the tool: –

Though, MBOX to PST conversion is not the recommended option, it is often required. “Mail Extractor Pro” provides the option to users who may not have other option like direct autoloading. But it is not like those inefficient Windows based tools. The conversion takes place with extreme precision. Moreover, you can also convert multiple MBOX files in one go.

Gone are the days where each file has to be converted separately.

Are you ready to convert your OS X Mail data to Windows Outlook?

Try Now the OS X Mail to PST Converter

Then, go ahead and do yourself a favor – download the free trial setup of ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ as soon as possible. You wouldn’t be disappointed.

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os x mail to outlook converter

os x mail to pst conversion

Try this OS X Mail to PST converter for hassle free email conversion.

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