Backup Mac Mail to PST Easily Without Missing Any Information or Detail!

Looking to backup Mail to PST? This is the tool that you need. No hassle of manually backing up data. Try this fully automated tool.

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Looking to backup Mac Mail to PST?

Unfortunately, there’s no in-built feature in Mac Mail that can let you do that. Neither are there any add-ons that offers the same. Which is why it can be rather frustrating to try to backup Mac Mail to PST. But today we have an extremely friendly solution for you that could make this job much easier.

Why backup Mac Mail to PST?

PST is a Windows Outlook file. Many users wish to keep Mac Mail data stored in PST files so if they ever have to move to Windows / Mac Outlook, they could easily move their email data as well. Or, they already use Windows Outlook side by side with Mac Mail and wish to migrate certain folders to Windows Outlook, which can only be performed by converting Mac Mail to PST files.

Also, if you want to share entire folders of emails with a Windows Outlook users, your best chance is to convert them to PST files. Manually sending each email can be daunting.

You may be here because of one of the reasons above. Whatever it is, you are going to get an excellent solution to do that. Mac Mail conversion to PST has never been easier and more effective before.

So, how to backup Mac Mail to PST?

The answer is “Mail Extractor Pro.” It’s a third-party tool from USL Software, which is basically an email migration utility that helps converting Apple Mail database to PST files.

backup mac mail to pst

The best part of “Mail Extractor Pro” is that it doesn’t require you to manually reach out for your data files inside Mac Mail database. Just by clicking “Auto-Load,” the tool gets your entire Mac Mail database ready automatically without you doing anything. This makes a lot of difference, obviously. It makes things a lot easier. But it also makes a huge impact on the accuracy of the backup and data conversion.

Since, the data is extracted from the primary source and not from any archived files like MBOX, there is no integrity loss. None of the items from emails like images, attachments, metadata, and such are converted inaccurately.

Some of the few major problems that many users faced previously and almost none of the tools and developers were able to solve have been successfully resolved by “Mail Extractor Pro.” Here are those challenges:

  • Loss of non-English text, especially Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. That’s because these languages are encoded using special character set (DBCS) and can be tricky to support by ordinary algorithms.
  • Changes in folder hierarchy (structure) or complete loss. Folders form an important part of your email database, without which it could be exhausting to manage emails.
  • Difficult to use interface by both non-experts and experts alike due to lack of user-friendly design and too many manual actions.
  • Lack of conversion or backup speed, resulting in loss of time and productivity for users with large Mac Mail database

And there are plenty more setbacks that have troubled users since a long time. “Mail Extractor Pro” is now here to relieve you of all those worries.

backup apple mail to pst

It’s a perfect tool to Backup Mac Mail to PST without data loss, loss of time, data fragmentation, and without much efforts. Whether you are a IT professional or a basic home user, “Mail Extractor Pro” will fulfill your all needs of Apple Mail data migration and data backup Mac Mail to PST files.

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