Apple Mail to Thunderbird Conversion With ‘Mail Extractor Max’

Getting your data safely and securely moved from Apple Mail to Thunderbird (two clients that don't support same file format) can be demanding, unless you have "Mail Extractor Max," then it can became surprisingly fluid and seamless process.

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Apple Mail to Thunderbird Conversion – How it Can be A Fluid and Seamless Process and NOT a Demanding One?

Apple Mail to Thunderbird Conversion

Most basic users and even experts struggle whenever it comes moving their data when changing services or programs that they have been using for years. This is nowhere more demanding than in email migration switch, when you move away from your original client that you have been using for years to a new one, like from Apple Mail to Thunderbird.

And that’s what we will be talking about in this post.

Even though Apple Mail and Thunderbird both share some similarity, their differences do really exaggerate during data transfer or migration. Because the data files are vastly different (MBOX is not applicable here), and there is no problem official integration of import/export feature.

To use Thunderbird’s import feature to get data from Apple Mail, you need to roll back your Thunderbird’s’ edition to earlier ones and even then it doesn’t follow through seamlessly. You can expect to see empty folders (which is pretty common when users go through this approach) or other errors.

Taking a similar manual route, like using a dummy email account to sync the local data to servers and then syncing back to Thunderbird, is again not a viable option for many users. It works if you have one or two folders to some degree, but anything larger than that would make this method too cumbersome, risky, and not at all worth your time and efforts.

Apple Mail to Thunderbird Converter

No wonder many third-party utilities have come to the surface to tackle this issue. These third-party tools are focused on one particular task and that is to get the data from Apple Mail files into Thunderbird, extracted and converted without any gaps or losing the minute important details.

Sadly, they too sometimes don’t as expected. The biggest hurdle Apple Mail to Thunderbird converters face is due to the fact that in their very essence they are EMLX file converters, and not precisely a complete email migration utility that most of you come to expect from them. They require you to dig into your native database folder, pick up lots of EMLX files (since each email is stored in a separate EMLX file, not even including attachments that are indeed stored in totally different files called EMLXPART files), load them up on to the tool (not allowed to convert them altogether), and then the converter will begin extracting information.

That’s clearly an inefficient way to face this process. You are not going to get much difference in data precision or other factors between totally manual techniques and using third-party EMLX to Thunderbird converters.

Convert Apple Mail to Thunderbird

This all might seem hopeless and if you go by just the above two solutions, it is. But thankfully, there’s one more solution that can put all these concerns of migration from Apple Mail to Thunderbird to rest.

It’s called “Mail Extractor Max,” which has a really sophisticated and advanced way to go about the business. But to put it shortly, it’s biggest ability to target the profile database of Apple Mail directly instead of asking you to load EMLX files. It requires just one time selecting the folder (you can choose either the main one or any backup folder that you might have), and it will do the rest from there.

apple mail to thunderbird

This gives you surprisingly high levels of data precision. It will convert 100% of details and metadata from Apple Mail to Thunderbird leaving no items behind and no gaps in data integrity.
What’s even more? The entire process is intuitive to go through by home users, thanks to its basic interface that has simplified the entire procedure to simple point and click. No need to understand what any of the data files mean, no need to go looking for raw files, and no need to use any other intermediary email accounts or servers.

apple mail to thunderbird conversion

Mail Extractor Max” has turned this otherwise demanding process into much fluid and seamless one, where anyone can simply follow the simple wizard and be done with it.

apple mail to thunderbird converter

Get it for Apple Mail to Thunderbird Conversion

You can try it here – for free, and when you have seen it all, you can activate the full version using any one of the available licenses, depending on how many machines you need to install the tool in.

To convert Apple Mail to Thunderbird, try ‘Mail Extractor Max’ today.

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