Apple Mail to Outlook Export Task Can be Simple and Quick! Find Out How!

Apple Mail to Outlook Export can be just about simply using a friendly tool and getting the job in least amount of time. How? Read this article

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When you think about Apple Mail to Outlook Export, what exactly does come to your mind?

Convert Apple Mail to Outlook Export (PST)

If you are little bit aware of email migration, the only thing that would come to your mind is about data loss or loss of time or some combination of those two things. Email migration, especially about Apple Mail to Outlook export, can be nasty, leading to all sorts of frenzied results. It’s not efficient and easy, to say the least.

And if you are not aware of email migration, you might not think about anything. But as soon as you will try to find out the solutions or tools on how to export data from Apple Mail to Outlook, you will realize how hard it can be.

But the truth is, it’s hard only if you use an inefficient tool or some random manual technique that’s even worse than using a tool.

Today we will talk about how this Apple Mail to Outlook export can be just as simple and efficient as any other regular task on computers. It’s rather surprising and unfortunate that as good Apple Mail and Outlook clients are when it comes to email management, the exporting of data isn’t dealt with the same level of professionalism. Users can damage their data, lose their precious hours, along with many other problems. This is due to the lack of any official support from either Apple or Windows for data conversion.

So, let’s now forget all that and find out how perform this Apple Mail to Outlook export easily and quickly.

The only application that we recommend and have recommending for as long as both email clients have existed, is “Mail Extractor Pro” from USL Software. In fact, whenever there is an email migration projects involved, we always go with USL Software, as is the leading company in offering the best of best software solutions for getting the emails and other items exported across different clients and platforms.

So, how does this “Mail Extractor Pro” work to make it such an easy and straightforward job.

apple mail to outlook export

Apple Mail to Outlook Export

The answer lies in its impressive graphical interface that allows even the least experienced users the chance to convert data without getting into the technicalities of the job. The simple and basic UI guides you systematically through each step for converting Apple Mail to Outlook files.

You need to click on ‘Auto-load’ which gets your Apple Mail database loaded automatically. Next, you have to choose “PST” as the output file format. PST is basically the data file for Windows Outlook. And at last, click “convert’ to begin the data conversion.

Within few minutes, depending on the size of your database, you will get everything moved into PST files from Apple Mail database.

It doesn’t get simple than that. There are many other features too that makes “Mail Extractor Pro” a lot different than other similar tools.

For instance, you can split the large PST files into smaller files, making it easy for you to import them to Windows Outlook. The tool also supports the conversion of non-English text, something that many users have suffered during such task. The accuracy of conversion of other components such as read/unread status of emails, S/MIME defined content, SMTP headers, and other such details are also all converted while keeping the fidelity preserved.

Lastly, the tool is backed up by 24×7 customer support from USL Software, making it even much easier for beginners who might get stuck at some phase. Although, given how easy and stable the tool is, you might not need to contact the support team.

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Download the installer file here. Install the tool and start using it in the free trial mode if you want to see how it works in action for Apple Mail to Outlook export.

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