Transfer Apple Mail to Outlook – Here’s the Unconventional Yet Most Efficient and Safe Way to Migrate Emails

The best method to transfer Apple Mail to Outlook revealed in no time and with properly safety. No longer dawdle around the inefficient, slow, and harmful tools that can damage your data.

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Transfer Apple Mail to Outlook

According to a recent survey by USL Software, it turns out that the biggest concern while transferring Apple Mail to Outlook is the data loss or permanent damage or original data. This is mainly due to the reason of inferior programs built to convert Apple Mail data files without any proper safety fixes that email migration is infamous for.

Most of the times, it is not the actual files that are lost, but some details or information elements inside the files that are either damaged, modified, or lost entirely. For example, every email these days contain some form of graphical data embedded into it (not the actual files attached to it). Such graphical data is hard to convert without damaging it.

Other similar issues with data loss is with the modification of folder hierarchy, metadata and email headers that contain info like To, From, Subject, etc., nested messages and their conversational structure, and so on. All of these are very important when it comes to managing a large database of emails. And if they are lost, the whole point of migrating the data from Apple mail to Windows Outlook client is moot. You might as well start afresh in Windows Outlook.

Thankfully, there is always a solution if you look for it. USL Software is the one that came up with a smart solution for this particular job. The way they have solved the concerning matter of data loss is by abandoning the old technique of conversion using data files. Instead, they came up with a direct approach for migration.

What exactly does that mean?

The developers at USL Software wrote code for letting the program auto detect the data from Apple Mail Database. This is a folder named ‘Mail’ inside your Mac hard drive. It’s called identity folder where everything is stored in its basic raw form, and not archived form. You can manually find it inside the users’ library folders. But the tool doesn’t need you to do that manually. By simply choosing the ‘Auto-load’ mode from the input options available, you get everything ready to be converted into PST files without you having to lift a finger except for selecting the option itself.

The accuracy by directly targeting the main source of data is surprising. Most of the data loss happens even before you use any traditional MBOX to PST converter. When you archive data from Apple Mail to Outlook PST files, some items are lost already. This is what this tool helps you to avoid.

It’s called “Mail Extractor Pro.” It can be downloaded here.

It has some truly unique functions that are not available with conventional tools. Such as detailed log report, support for converting non-English text, and so on.

The tool features an extremely simple graphical interface that anyone can use without even learning about the process or any technicalities involved. It was especially built for beginners to get the job done effectively without any external aid. And even then, the tool also fits perfectly for large-scale migration projects in the form of commercial and enterprise license.

But before you get any of these licenses, you are free to check it out using the free trial mode. Just get the installer file, install it like a regular tool, and get started.

You won’t regret this. It’s the critically acclaimed tool for an otherwise very complex and hard to perform job.

Transfer Apple Mail to Outlook (both Mac & Windows)

 Transfer Apple Mail to Outlook

Apple Mail to Outlook

transferring Apple Mail to Outlook

Transfer Apple Mail to Outlook Windows

Transfer Apple Mail to Outlook for mac

Transfer Apple Mail to Outlook (PST) with Mail Extractor Pro.

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