Smart Thunderbird to PST Converter Mac – The Best Choice Available for Professional Migration Results!

Thunderbird to PST Converter Mac compatible solution called "Mail Extractor Pro," featuring options and a basic UI that anyone can use, is available to download now!

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Thunderbird to PST Converter for Mac

Thunderbird to PST conversion requires smart tool to extract data. That’s because there’s nothing similar between these files (internal structure wise) and to extract the data and convert it in a way that no unwanted modification occurs, is a complex process. And only professionally developed converters can pull it off without making a total mess of your data integrity.

If you have ever used any of the regular Thunderbird to PST converter for Mac or Windows edition, you know the inaccuracy of the output PST files. You would often find the damaged data components like images or attachments, metadata or headers, etc. Such inaccuracies can be hard to deal with especially if are a beginner.

Luckily, there’s a way to avoid all that.

Large enterprises find their way through custom-built software solution that’s tailored for their particular needs. It requires a large amount of time in development and a lot of other resources. And even then, they would often find it inefficient.

But now, you can lay your hands on a tool that’s built for everyone, from basic users who want to convert their data on home computers to high-end professionals looking to migrate massive data quickly. The tool features an intuitive interface so you don’t have to go through understanding all the technical jargon that’s involved, and it also features a high range of functionality and power so as IT professional, you can convert large databases with relative ease.

Mail Extractor Pro” – from USL Software will change the way you convert files!

The tool goes by the name of “Mail Extractor Pro” and is developed by USL Software after years of research into the domain of email migration. USL Software has been offering excellent solutions for users for their email migration needs and all their products have been well received. Now, “Mail Extractor Pro” has joined the ranks to let you convert Thunderbird to PST files with the equal professionalism and precision like their other top of the line solutions.

thunderbird to pst converter

As said above, “Mail Extractor Pro” is a complete software utility that has all the aspects of a software developed nailed down to the perfection. The most important ones are its interface that allows everyone to use its features and convert data accurately. And the other is its set of advanced programming framework that gives it power to deal with multiple files of massive size and yet not compromise with the stability and performance.

convert thunderbird to pst

Regardless of the scale that you want to convert Thunderbird to PST, this Mac compatible solution will give you everything that you need.

  • It allows Auto Load Mozilla Thunderbird Database for conversion so you don’t have to deal with each Thunderbird file individually.
  • It makes it easy to remove folders that you don’t want to convert by simply un-checking the boxes next to the unwanted folders.
  • The tool has full support for converting text in any language
  • The intuitive interface makes it usable even for the users who have no technical background or know anything bout email migration.
  • 24 x 7 customer support ready to assist you whenever you require it. Just get in touch and the support staff will answer every question you have or help you during any problem you might be facing.

Try this Thunderbird to PST Converter

Get the trial setup to see how everything works. You will be surprised by the elements that come together in “Mail Extractor Pro” to give you absolutely flawless migration experience.

Get it from the Download Now page.

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thunderbird to pst

If you are looking for Thunderbird to PST converter, here is the tool for you.

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