Pain of Importing Mbox to Outlook 2013 and How to End it Now

Looking for ways to Import Mbox to Outlook 2013 effectively? Your search ends here.

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To import mbox to Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 & Office 365 and Outlook:mac 2016, try now Mail Extractor Pro.

Mail Extractor Pro is designed to convert Apple Mail / MBOX file to PST file format.

Have you been looking for the best tool to import Mbox to Outlook 2013? I know it can be painful when you are trying to convert data to migrate it from one email client to other. The tools currently available in market offering the solution are limited and not very good in dealing with this. The whole task can become overwhelming, most often for users with less or no experience.

It is unfortunate that Outlook, the most popular email client in Windows OS, cannot directly import Mbox files, the most popular and generic email file format. If you are doing this, moving from Apple Mail to Windows Outlook, you might find it surprising at first that there is no option to import Mbox files.

You will then proceed to look for solutions. You might come across some manually performed techniques to transfer emails and other items. Soon you will realize they are impractical and definitely out of bounds of your knowledge and skills. You move on to professional third party tools that convert Mbox files to Pst files (Windows Outlook native data file).

It might feel like a breath of fresh air in begging, but unfortunately, many of the tools will turn out to be inefficient too. Which is more painful when you spend your money to buy on them. At least the manual procedures didn’t ask you to buy and install any third party app on your computer.

Inefficient is an overstatement. Many of them don’t’ work at all. The entire point of email migration is that you can get your emails and contacts and calendar data and everything else properly transferred to a new email client, which is Outlook 2013 in this case. If a tool results in data corruption, loss of attachments, images, or any other elements of Mbox file, the whole purpose is disregarded.

The conversion was not just inefficient, it actually never happened. The data wasn’t extracted from Mbox file and converted to Outlook 2013 completely.

And then there are problems like slow conversion, hard to use interfaces, no support from developers, no flexibility, no support for non-English text conversion, oversized output Pst files, and so on.

It can get too much, for both experts and basic users.

This story is often attached to most email migration jobs, not just importing Mbox to Outlook 2013. But it is more strongly pertinent in this case because you are dealing with two clients that are for two different operating systems (Windows and Mac OS X). Their data files – Mbox and Pst – are entirely different.

mbox to outlook 2013

“Mail Extractor Pro” – Here’s What you Need!

Mail Extractor Pro” is a software built industriously by USL Software. The objective was to resolve the situation described above, to solve all the problems that are associated with the job of converting or importing Mbox to Outlook 2013 Pst files.

And solved they did!

It’s an easy to use software, thanks for the creative design of the UI. It’s approach towards data conversion is based on deep and recursive scanning system that allows the tool to convert each and every piece of information to Pst files, without exception. You get your images, attachments, non-English text, folder hierarchy, meta-data, and anything that is inside Mbox files – neatly converted.

It also offers multiple other features that have set the new standards. One of them is that it can auto-detect your Apple Mail database directly from the “Mail” folder in your Mac (no need for Mbox fils anymore).

And many more new and cutting-edge features like that.

Want to see them all?

Visit the download page and claim your free trial version. The great thing about this trial version is that it allows the complete set of features to use without locking anything out. It just limits the item of conversion that can be converted to 10 for each folder. You can easily register for the full version to unlock it to unlimited conversion later on.

Importing MBOX to Outlook 2013, Now simplified with Mail Extractor Pro.

import mbox to outlook 2013

It converts Apple Mail / MBOX file to Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, Office 365 and Outlook 2016 for Mac supported PST file format.

import mbox into outlook 2013

It support conversion Unicode Contents (non-English character), Maintain folder hierarchy, Preserve email contents, support large email database and split PST file.

importing mbox to outlook 2013

We understand your needs. It does not change or modified your original file. We promise you that your email migration would be safe & secure.

Get your evaluation copy to import mbox to Outlook 2013 or other pst file supported email clients.

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