Microsoft OST to PST Converter for accurate data recovery to PST files

Microsoft OST to PST converter that can recover data efficiently without making any unwanted changes in the data architecture!

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OST Extractor Pro‘ – The Most Recommended Microsoft OST to PST Converter for Efficient OST Data Recovery to PST Files.

Microsoft OST to PST Converter

Microsoft Outlook is one of the best email clients in Windows. It works by storing data to either PST or OST file. Both are very similar in their approach; however, OST is an ‘offline storage table’ file format whereas PST is not. OST file can also get corrupt or inaccessible due to variety of reasons like viruses, trojans, abrupt shutdown of system, accidentally deleting the original account the OST file was associated with, power and hard disk failures, and so on.

In all those circumstances, lots of users are panicked, not knowing what to do with the inaccessible OST files. What you can do is look for a good third-party converter and recovery tool that can convert Microsoft OST files to PST.

One of the best in that is “OST Extractor Pro” from USL Software.

microsoft ost to pst converter

And let’s check out top reasons why ‘OST Extractor Pro’ is the best Microsoft OST to PST converter:

It is easy to use:

Of course, one of the best features of any great software program that it is easy to use by novice users, at the same time it provides advanced features to IT experts. And “OST Extractor Pro” is exactly like that. It has a simple and natural interface that makes sense right away. You don’t need to learn about OST to PST recovery or be aware of any technical jargon regarding the process.

It is very accurate:

Emails no longer are text based. They can contain anything from images to attachments to word docs to excel sheets to cloud based attachments and so on. Therefore, it is important for any email related tool to process information accurately. ‘OST Extractor Pro’ meets that criteria perfectly well. It is accurate down to the single KB of data inside OST files. During recovery and conversion, it will not miss a single item or component like images or metadata or anything that the file contains.

It preserves folder hierarchy and non-English text:

This should be the part of the 2nd reason (converts everything accurately), but it has always been a huge challenge for most OST to PST conversion/recovery tool. Most of them do not keep the folder hierarchy same after data is restored in PST files. And almost none of them have dedicated logic to handle complex text characters in non-English that are encoded with Unicode, most commonly like Chinese, Korean, or Japanese. “OST Extractor Pro” has none of these limitations. It will keep your structure of folders perfectly like original and also preserves non-English text from OST to PST.

Supports batch conversion and large OST files too

OST Extractor Pro” is extremely quick and runs smoothly. But it’s even more impressive because it can handle extremely large OST files where a regular tool would fail. And the support for batch conversion (Convert multiple OST files to PST in one go) is also supported without reducing the data-rate and speed.

ost to pst converter

Other features offering flexibility without overwhelming the users with myriad of manual controls and options:

Features & Settings

OST Extractor Pro” gives you flexibility so you can choose certain aspect of how the conversion would take place, but it doesn’t over-clutter the interface with meaningless options. It has a smartly built wizard that offers you these extra options:

  • Ignore empty folders
  • Splits large PST files
  • Provides brief and detailed log report
  • Manually exclude folders before recovery/conversion
  • Folder preview and selection

Microsoft OST to PST Converter Free

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If you are interested, try the demo version of the Microsoft OST to PST Converter aka ‘OST Extractor Pro‘.

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