Import Apple Mail MBOX to Outlook

How to Import Apple Mail MBOX to Outlook? Here we will talk about “Mail Extractor Pro,” and how it correctly converts the files to PST in no time. We will also look at an easy guide on how to use it.

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Import Apple Mail MBOX to Outlook for Mac and Windows – A Tool for the Fans of Simplicity!

Import Apple Mail MBOX to Outlook (Mac/Win)

Quite often we get unnecessarily bogged down on myriads of technical works. Email migration is worst in that regard. Importing Apple Mail MBOX to Outlook never works out the way you want it to.

Here we are looking at a solution that is simple yet efficient. It is through “Mail Extractor Pro”, which is simply an excellent tool, that fans of simplicity will love!

import apple mail mbox to outlook

Import Apple Mail MBOX to Outlook in Best Way

Forger nonsensical and complicated solutions. “Mail Extractor Pro” directly auto-loads your Mail database Profile and every folder gets ready for conversion. This is how it can offer the simple conversion-based approach for importing Apple mail MBOX to Outlook (*.PST).

In addition to that, it also has many other features you will not find elsewhere:

  • Two Options to convert Apple Mail: You can either select ‘Mail’ database directly or choose MBOX files too. MBOX file also applies to files from any other sources, like Google or Thunderbird.
  • The choice to split large converted PST files or keep one big file is available. We recommend to split them because large files are harder to import.
  • You can ignore all empty folders in a single click by ticking the relevant box in the options above.
  • The tool delivers clean conversion without any loss to data integrity. It converts otherwise tricky elements lost by generic tools: such as metadata, headers, images, attachments, nested emails, text formatting, and more.
  • Full dedicated support to convert Unicode text, including Chinese and all DBCS variants.
  • Also allows converting Thunderbird and Postbox native databases directly to PST files.
  • The PST files generated are applicable in all Outlook versions, including Mac Outlook.
  • Converts data very quickly. Even the large files are converted without hiccups and without wasting any time.
  • You can manually remove any folder you deem unnecessary to convert, as opposed to forced to convert the entire database.
  • The detailed conversion log is incredibly helpful in larger migration projects. Tech-savvy users love that kind of in-depth information about the process.

How to import Apple Mail MBOX to Outlook

  1. Open ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘.
  2. Load Apple Mail MBOX files to it.
    • Apple Mail: Load
      • Auto Load – To load Apple Mail data automatically.
      • Open – Browse to load ‘Apple Mail Mailbox Export‘ to ‘Mail’ folder copied.
    • MBOX Files: Load
      • Browse and select a single mbox file or a folder containing mbox files.
  3. Check other settings.
    • Ignore Empty Folders
    • Tick / Untick folders to convert
    • Assign PST file size limit
  4. Click on “Convert
  5. Select a folder for PST file. then click on ‘Save
  6. Process will start. At last you will get converted PST file and full conversion log.

how to import apple mail mbox to outlook

There are only few tools that do all the above and yet able to keep the simplicity. The basic interface is natural to understand and follow. If you have no idea about how any of this work or what the data files, do not worry; you will never need to know.

The tool is backed up by 24 x 7 tech support from USL Software. Ask anything you want and you will get a quick and friendly team assisting you. The team also resolves any unseen setbacks, if any.

Get it to import Apple Mail MBOX to Outlook

The free trial version is now available to download. You can use it to find out more and see how it all comes together.

apple mail mbox to outlook

Get ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ today to import Apple Mail MBOX to Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Windows.

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