How To Open OST File In Outlook 2016 if Outlook Has No Option to Import Any File With an OST Extension?

How To Open OST File In Outlook 2016 if there's no option in the 'import/export' feature of Outlook to select any file with an OST format? Find a perfectly working solution here to find your way through this problem.

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How To Open OST File In Outlook 2016

Quite frequently, users ask about opening a file using a program that does not support that file format. Sometimes, the fact that file cannot be opened using that program comes as a surprise.

How to open an OST file in Outlook 2016 is one such frequently asked question by users. And the answer is surprising – Outlook 2016 (Windows or Mac) cannot import or open an OST file format. This is surprising because OST is natively a data file of Outlook. It creates an OST file to store the data it downloads from a web-server when you add an IMAP based or Exchange based email account.

But you cannot import data in OST file manually because it’s not built for that purpose. PST is the personal storage file used for the purpose of backup, importing, and all such operations.

Nevertheless, if you do have an OST file that you need to open in Outlook 2016, you can do so by converting it into PST file using an application from third-parties.

Through a converter, you first load the OST file and then convert it into PST, then using the in-built feature of Outlook, you simply import it like a regular data file. There’s one problem in that process and that is finding a converter that works without losing any information. There are few that can convert data while making the entire structure totally modified or even corrupt. But there are always hidden gems among the sea of inefficient tools.

Tool to Open OST File In Outlook 2016

How To Open OST File In Outlook 2016

OST Extractor Pro” is that gem that will give you full satisfaction over converting OST to PST file.
There are dozens of reasons why we picked “OST Extractor Pro” as the most suitable third-party tool to go through the conversion.

Here are some of them:

  • First of all, it is available for both Mac and Windows users. If you are a Mac user and looking to import OST file in Outlook 2016 Mac, you can download the Mac edition. It works because PST is compatible with Mac Outlook too.

  • Secondly, it is not merely an OST to PST converter. There are other output options to convert OST file to, such as MBOX, EML, Thunderbird, Postbox, and Apple Mail. As a Mac user, this makes “OST Extractor Pro” highly useful because most converters only convert OST to PST.

  • The third reason why it wins over all other converters is its amazingly simple interface. For a process that is usually very tricky and confusing, it’s quite surprising that “OST Extractor Pro” has the most intuitive interface that makes perfect sense and can be used intuitively even by users who know nothing about email migration.

  • And finally, there’s a support team that is ready to help you 24×7. Though, it’s unlikely that you will need one, but it makes a huge difference to a very small portion of users that may find themselves in a pickle in an unexpected way. A helping hand from a team of experts is priceless then. That’s why we think the support of USL Software backing ‘OST Extractor Pro‘ adds another dimension to an already proficient software solution.

Open OST File In Outlook 2016

How To Open OST File In Outlook 2016 with OST Extractor Pro

If you have an OST file and you were confused by Outlook not giving you any option to import it, don’t worry. “OST Extractor Pro” will quickly convert it into PST file that you can import easily.

Try it here:

Get your free trial copy and start checking out all the other features and interface as thoroughly as you want before activating.

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Open OST In Outlook 2016

To know How To Open OST File In Outlook 2016, download the copy of OST Extractor Pro and try it yourself.

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