How to import Thunderbird Mail to Outlook for Mac or Windows?

Worried about import Thunderbird Mail to Outlook for Windows or Mac? You should be, in a sense, because of all the sloppy solutions that claim to do it right but don't. But there's a better solution that you can get right now and forget about all the worries about the job that you might be having like partial fragmented files or integrity damage.

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How to Import Thunderbird Mail to Outlook

Anyone who undergoes a shift or changeover in the services they were using has countless worries about the entire process. It’s not just changing the service but the migration of all the goods, data, information that was associated with the previous service provider.

It’s not any different with the switch between email clients. And one of those changeovers can be particular demanding because of no common data file between them that they share, and that’s the one that we are talking about here.

Import Thunderbird Mail to Outlook for Mac and Windows

Even though both clients are for Mac / Windows operating system, they both use separate formats for storing data, and those formats are not similar to each other in any way. Thunderbird uses EML files inside its SBD directory and Outlook uses PST. (Note: Mac Outlook stores it data in OLM file format, but can import PST file).

This difference and incompatibility can come in the way of users who are switching their email client from Thunderbird to Outlook.

So, what can be done?

There’s an option of manual conversion method using a dummy email account that supports IMAP sync and has enough available space on servers, at least equal to the size of the database in Thunderbird you want to move. However, this approach can often be tedious and depending on the size can even be impractical. It’s basically uploading local data in Thunderbird to the web-server and then downloading it from the server to Outlook local folder. It takes too long even if you fast connection but in most cases, it’s impractical because no one offers a huge space on their web-servers.

But this too has its flaws making it not worthy of your time and efforts. It is making it too time-consuming. And it also leads to data loss and incomplete conversion.

The final option, and the one that works under certain situations, is by converting Thunderbird Mail to Outlook (PST file). You can convert them to the files that Outlook can import (PST) or convert to the full database directly than you can simply move to Outlook.

And this option works best if you have a professional converter.

Import Thunderbird Mail to Outlook, Super Easy

The one we can recommend is “Mail Extractor Pro,” from USL Software.

import thunderbird mail to outlook

For Mac Thunderbird to Outlook:

You do not need to archive your Thunderbird Mail Database. Just click on “Auto Load”, It will load your entire Email Database for conversion.

For Windows Thunderbird to Outlook:

You need to copy the Thunderbird ‘Profile’ folder from Windows system. Click on “Browse” to Add your database for conversion.

import thunderbird to outlook

Whatever we said above about the difficulty of switching email client and moving data can be a tad bit intimidating to experts, but it is very painful for beginners. Any casually tool built by throwing together ordinary algorithms can make matters worse.

Therefore, worrying about moving data is totally justified, but it’s time to let go of that.

Mail Extractor Pro” falls under a completely different category of fully professional, smart software utility that delivers output files to perfection, without losing anything in between, without data integrity loss, and in no time.

Get it to Import Thunderbird Mail to Outlook

You can download it and see it for yourself how the tool functions with your Thunderbird files. Fist you need to copy the profile folder from Windows or Mac Thunderbird, load them up to “Mail Extractor Pro“. If you have installed Thunderbird on Mac system, then use Auto load features. Click “Convert” and it will start converting your data. Once finished, you can easily import the output files to Microsoft Outlook for Mac or Windows.

You can try the free demo version to check it out!

Try Mail Extractor Pro to import Thunderbird Mail to Outlook for Windows and Mac.

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